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Traditional Media: Remixed

Within our ever changing media world it is a challenge sometimes to keep up with the latest advertising platforms. It seems as if every week there is a new app, digital medium etc. to research, digest and see if it would best fit your client. This is an exciting time for buyers, slowly going are the days of traditional mediums across all buys. However, our traditional mediums are still relevant, successful and used in my day to day buying. With the amount of traditional buying that is still done we have to think of different ways to” beef up”, for example, a radio buy and really think about our audiences’ behaviors and how they are changing and consuming advertisements.

I recently read an article called, Why Marketers Need To Rethink Radio Audiences Now. The article really spoke more to the tasks I do daily for our clients. I still spend most of my time carefully creating TV, Radio and Print buys. However, we are constantly looking for ways to connect not only with our audience through a :60 radio spot but adding elements to “beef up” that spot and make it become more interactive since we live in a world where people are constantly moving and interacting.

In this article the author references how successful Dunkin’ Donuts was with a recent campaign that wanted to promote ticket giveaways for its “Caught Cold” concert series. They wanted to use radio and knew from research who, how and when they wanted to target them. However, it was not just: 60 radio spots but included a call to action from their DJ’s to utitlize DD’s website, play a game and enter to win tickets to one of the five concerts. Pre-roll promotional video, announcements via social media and call-to-action banner ads helped with the promotion. At the concert, there were many other assets that promoted the “Caught Cold” product.

With all of these elements that gave “legs” to their radio spot the campaign was an enormous success. The point is, in order to truly engage your radio audiences today we need to use those loyal listeners to then move between media — posting on Facebook, checking email, uploading photos to Instagram or Pinterest, and utilizing their cell phones. In conclusion clients that want to reach and engage their particular audience need to be all of these places.


Too Soon for Holiday Ads?

With 96 days ‘til Christmas, most consumers are just coming out of the Back to School shopping season, and contemplating which costume to wear for Halloween. The thought of Thanksgiving turkey might be lingering in the back of our minds, but is anyone really thinking about Christmas yet?

K-Mart is banking on it. In fact, they rolled out their first Holiday ad on Sept. 8th promoting their lay-away program with a “Don’t let the Holidays sneak up on you” message:

So when is it too early to advertise for the Holidays? Is it when the National Media picks up the story and weighs in, a la Today host Hoda Kotb? Is it when Facebook fans post negative comments:


Kmart isn’t the only one launching a Holiday campaign when temperatures are still in the 90’s. Walmart started promoting its layaway program a few days later. And, Target is expected to hit the market with its Holiday spots in early October.

Retailers believe getting a jump on the Holiday season will increase sales. And, with so many uncertainties with the economy, they’re willing to take the risk.

So, what do you think?

Is it too early to see Holiday advertising?

Download the Voto app to weigh in:


Cutting the Cord – The Next Big Thing!! (or the End of TV as We Know It)

Do you have a contentious relationship with your cable company?  Has your cable bill doubled in the past ten years?  Are you finding yourself or your family members watching TV over the internet more frequently?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you might be ready to “Cut the Cord!!”  This is a fairly recent phenomenon and signals the biggest change in how media is consumed since the internet began killing the print version of newspaper a decade ago.

Consumers now have alternatives to dealing with their dreaded cable providers – these include Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.  Nearly 1 million households have “cut their cords” during the last 12 months – and while this represents a fraction of the estimated 100 million cable households in the United States, this is no longer being viewed as an “urban myth” but rather a growing trend.  It is estimated that by 2016 nine million households will eliminate their cable subscriptions entirely.  The number one reason given by consumers for cutting their cord (83%) is that the subscription has gotten too expensive.

Think about the generation that has realized they no longer need a land line and opted to use their mobile devices as their only phone. These are the people who will most likely opt out of the cable universe.  According to Forrester Research 32 million consumers are already getting video over their televisions using Internet devices such as Xbox, Blu-ray players and smart TV’s.

All of this change creates new opportunities for content creators of which there is no shortage of!! The real winners may end up being the technology companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon as they have the ability to operate across the divide of selling content as well as designing the devices on which the content is viewed.

I believe the other winner in this game may ultimately be the consumer who will have more choices and by virtue of the marketplace may will pay less for these choices!!  Cord cut away!!

The NEW MYSPACE: Top 5 Things To Look Out For

Since I heard about the company’s comeback, I’ve been curious to see what’s different this time from the MySpace we all once knew. I did a little research and found some of the answers I was looking for.  Here are the Top 5 things to look out for with the launch of the new MySpace.



Unlike Facebook’s plain and congested advertising layout, MySpace looks more aesthetic and trendy. It offers high-resolution images, a built in music player, options to add music and videos by clicking or dragging, a search page for fans and artists to be connected with each other at all times and a horizontal activity bar where instead of scrolling up and down, you scroll side to side. Not everything is new; they kept some of their old popular features like streaming profile songs and a section for top 8 friends.


As we all know, music has always been a part of MySpace. But this time, the company plans to take it to the next level. Besides music, they are also going to focus on gearing the website towards the creative community as well; the songwriters, photographers, music video directors, etc. The new MySpace wants to help all types of artists become known by their peers and potential fans as well as to flourish in their industry and establish stronger connections between artists and their fans. The user can stream live their favorite band in concert and personalize their radio stations to listen to specific artists and genres.



Right now, the 32 year old is well known as one of the most innovating artists in the music industry.  His partners, the Vanderhook brothers say that “he provides the strategic vision for the company and was the person behind the idea of focusing on the creative community”.  With Timberlake’s strong point of view and experience in the business, I’m sure he will be an important factor in bringing MySpace back from the dead.



In January of this year, an early version of the new MySpace was released to the public but it wasn’t until June 12 that they launched their $20 million ad campaign across cable, broadcast, radio and digital media. At the same time, the company also released an iPhone app for radio play. The campaign is seeking to engage individuals between the ages of 18 and 34 years and its commercials show hipsters dancing, singing, playing then smashing instruments and having a good time with each other.  They are trying to change the public perception from the old MySpace to a cool place for music fans and creative individuals.

During the first two weeks, the new MySpace tracked 31 million visitors, however the negative reviews about the ad campaign keep on coming. In my personal opinion, the TV commercial is poor in content and is not clear about the message it is trying to convey.  They need to improve their marketing strategy in order to appropriately promote the new experience.

TV Commercial


The site is being promoted as a media platform where it’s all about the creative talent and the music, not social networking. Song writers or photographers can use MySpace to track where their fans are and what they are listening to. You can show your attraction to things by connecting with them, but you won’t interact on a personal level.

The new owners believe the News Corp Group made a big mistake when they tried to compete with emerging forces like Facebook, turning the company into a social networking site.

Top 101 TV Shows Of All Time

Earlier this month, the Writers Guild of America announced its list of the top 101 written television shows ever.  The list was compiled by votes cast from the East and West Coast Writers Guild members. Given the endless hours of programming the past 70 years includes this seems almost impossible and of course can spark endless hours of debate over which shows belong on the list and at what rank.

HBO’s The Sopranos was number one followed by a diverse set of classic shows. The top fifteen in order include Seinfeld, The Twilight Zone, All in the Family, M*A*S*H, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Mad Men, Cheers, The Wire, The West Wing, The Simpsons, I Love Lucy, Breaking Bad, The Dick Van Dyke Show and Hill Street Blues.

There are many shows from recent decades in the top 101, several on the air now and nods to classics from years past many of us may have never seen and have only heard of. Alas, no reality shows made the cut.

Apparently 100 shows wasn’t enough, and even though the list is for the top 101 shows  there are there are several ties so more than 101 shows are represented.  For example, Downton Abbey, Law & Order and ThirtySomething all ranked at #43.

Given the recent passing of James Gandolfini, otherwise known as televisions legendary mob boss Tony Soprano, having The Sopranos place at number one is a timely and fitting tribute to the actor and to Jean Stapleton, AKA Edith Bunker from All in the Family, who also passed away right after the release of the list.

Given the passion many feel about “their” shows, check out the list and see if you agree, disagree and what shows should have made the list that didn’t.  The full list is available on the WGA site:

Social Media: Down To A Science

Ever wonder what shows and commercials are talked about the most on social media networks? What is really, really trending? Rentrak Corporation, a leader in multi-screen media measurement serving the advertising, television and entertainment industries, has measurement tools to see what shows are engaging the most viewers and what shows and commercials are “chatted” about most on social media. These two metrics, the “stickiness index” and the “social media index,” give us a unique outlook into the world of media and advertising, from the eyes, ears, and words of the viewer.


These metrics reflect what series are most popular each week based on viewer engagement (Stickiness Index) and commentary on social media networks (Social Media Index). As defined by Rentrak, the stickiness index is “calculated for the top 500 series based on rating according to Rentrak TV Essentials… of the top-20 primetime ad-supported series based on level of viewer engagement as determined by how much the average percentage viewed of the series varies from an average of all series of the same duration during Monday-Saturday primetime (8pm-11pm)” (Source: Rentrak Corporation).


The social media index, which combines Rentrak’s leading TV Essential system with Bluefin Labs social response analytics, “shows how television programing triggers reactions through social media which can affect audience visibility and engagement” (Source: Rentrak Corporation).

Founded in 2008, Bluefin Labs uses their research in cognitive science and machine learning at the MIT Media Lab to calculate this metric. There really is science behind the Bluefin social response analytics—they call it “mapping the TV genome,” which they define as “essentially a huge dataset that quantifies and organizes all social media conversations about TV” (Source:

So, what were top ten shows people were posting about during the week of February 11th-17th? Based on Rentrak Corporation here are the top ten based on social media index:

  1. 2013 NBA All-Star Game, TNT- 383,235
  2. NBA Basketball- 2013 NBA All-Star Saturday Night, TNT- 186,907
  3. State of the Union 2013- State of the Union (12 Networks), Special Event- 168,956
  4. NBA Basketball- Miami Heat at Oklahoma City Thunder, TNT- 74,133
  5. The Walking DeadHome, AMC- 71,559
  6. Pretty Little LiarsWhat Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?, ABC Family- 58,766
  7. NBA Basketball- Los Angeles Clippers at Los Angeles Lakers, TNT- 35,328
  8. The Bachelor, ABC- 34,296
  9. College Basketball- multiple games, ESPN- 28,835
  10. NBA Basketball-All-Star Celebrity Game, ESPN- 27,726


This further shows us how TV viewing landscape has changed drastically and is no longer always a linear viewing. People are often looking at multiple screens with divided attention, giving us even more insight into how to target to our desired audience.

Source: Rentrak Corporation 2013

How Advertisers Capitalize on Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of the year again – New Year…New You. January is a month for change and renovation. Companies and advertisers seize this opportunity to target customers looking for inspiration and motivation by offering deals and promotions to help accomplish their resolutions.  In order to capture the attention of the consumer and keep them coming back for more, advertisers need to be up-to-date on current social and media trends creating campaigns where they can interact with the customer and tweaking them continuously to keep capturing the client’s attention. Here are some interesting statistics about resolutions:

–          Half of New Year’s resolutions made are out the window by Independence Day (Forbes)

–          Only about 10% of people who made resolutions maintained their resolve by the following New Year’s (Forbes)

In order for agencies to help consumers commit to New Year’s resolutions, they should remain flexible while strategizing for new campaigns and more importantly, focus messaging on the changing media landscape. What used to work for advertisers in the past may not be the best option now.

Here are some current campaigns that successfully focus on New Year’s resolutions:

The Weight Watcher’s 360 program is one of the New Year’s campaigns where singer/clothing designer Jessica Simpson talks about the benefits of the program and how it helped her improve her health by losing over 50 pounds. They also offer the Weight Watchers mobile app where users can keep track of their food, weight and activity to stay on plan. Click here to view the latest TV spot:



The Planet Fitness New Year’s campaign, called by The New York Times “A Gym for People Who Don’t Like Gyms”, offers members a “Judgment Free Zone” where you won’t experience any “Gymtimidation”


Applebee's photo

This Applebee’s January campaign promotes their new menu, featuring meals for under 550 calories. Click here to view their latest ad:


BL Photo

With the new season of “The Biggest Loser” kicking off this week, Subway is once again partnering with the show to promote a healthier lifestyle by eating fresh/healthy meals and exercising. With this register-to-win offer, lucky viewers can win a trip to the Season Finale in March.

Tell us what your New Year’s Resolution is, and if you’ve been influenced by any advertising lately?