Media Spotlight: Vice President, Megan Olson

MWcolor-42Editor’s note: “Media Spotlight” is an ongoing series where we interview the wide range of professionals that make up our growing office. From the traditional media planners to our digital buyers, you’ll gain insight into the many levels that make up Media Works Ltd. This week we interview Vice President, Megan Olson

How long have you been working in media/advertising?: I started working for a Media Buying firm during my Senior year of College and they hired me full-time after I graduated. From there, I worked as a Media Director at a full service agency, then went to a bigger full service agency, and now I’m at Media Works! About 15 years, all in all.

Can you describe a day in your life at Media Works?: The best part about working for Media Works is that most every day is different! Some days, I come in and work on a project for an existing client, while other days I get to work on a New Business project. Sometimes I have internal meetings and sometimes I have meetings out of the office. And, there are days when I have to do a ton of paperwork, yet other days I’m knee-deep in a PPT for a presentation. It’s nice to have that kind of variety, but at the end of the day, my job is to oversee my accounts and make sure our clients are happy!

What are some of the challenges of your position?: Time – there’s never enough time! Also, I think it’s tough to make every client I work with feel like they are the ONLY client I work with.

What’s your all-time favorite ad campaign? What made it special?: My husband and I were both graphic design/art majors, so we are always moved by a good, visually appealing ad campaign. For that reason, I’d have to say that my favorite current campaign is the Sherwin Williams paint commercials that uses animated paint chips and the slogan “Where will color take you?” If we are watching something on TV and the spot comes on, we always stop to appreciate it, and even rewind it if we’re DVR-ing through the pod.

Can you name a recent campaign/commercial that you would’ve done differently? WWMWD?: I harken back to Terrell Suggs’ early days as a Baltimore Raven, when he was promoting Price Busters with his famous line, “That’s Whazzup!” The graphics were bad, the copy was bad, and were it not for T. Sizzle and his ridiculous tagline, I might look upon Price Busters as a place to buy furniture. Instead, it made me laugh at the brand and wonder how much they paid him to be in the spots. Sometimes, using a local sports celebrity is not the best way to sell product. Stick with what you’re good at – selling your product – and try to find unique ways of doing it.

What advice would you offer to someone looking to get into the advertising industry?: Work your way up. Start as an intern or an assistant and learn the ropes. Volunteer to take on any task and do it well. When a project comes up, ask to work on it. Learn from those around you and always ask questions. And remember that at the end of the day, we’re in advertising…it’s supposed to be fun!

What’s something that no one knows about you?:  One of my most prized possessions is an autographed bank receipt with Cal Ripken Jr.’s signature on it. So, when I see him in Atwater’s next door, it makes me swoon inside. J


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