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Traditional Media: Remixed

Within our ever changing media world it is a challenge sometimes to keep up with the latest advertising platforms. It seems as if every week there is a new app, digital medium etc. to research, digest and see if it would best fit your client. This is an exciting time for buyers, slowly going are the days of traditional mediums across all buys. However, our traditional mediums are still relevant, successful and used in my day to day buying. With the amount of traditional buying that is still done we have to think of different ways to” beef up”, for example, a radio buy and really think about our audiences’ behaviors and how they are changing and consuming advertisements.

I recently read an article called, Why Marketers Need To Rethink Radio Audiences Now. The article really spoke more to the tasks I do daily for our clients. I still spend most of my time carefully creating TV, Radio and Print buys. However, we are constantly looking for ways to connect not only with our audience through a :60 radio spot but adding elements to “beef up” that spot and make it become more interactive since we live in a world where people are constantly moving and interacting.

In this article the author references how successful Dunkin’ Donuts was with a recent campaign that wanted to promote ticket giveaways for its “Caught Cold” concert series. They wanted to use radio and knew from research who, how and when they wanted to target them. However, it was not just: 60 radio spots but included a call to action from their DJ’s to utitlize DD’s website, play a game and enter to win tickets to one of the five concerts. Pre-roll promotional video, announcements via social media and call-to-action banner ads helped with the promotion. At the concert, there were many other assets that promoted the “Caught Cold” product.

With all of these elements that gave “legs” to their radio spot the campaign was an enormous success. The point is, in order to truly engage your radio audiences today we need to use those loyal listeners to then move between media — posting on Facebook, checking email, uploading photos to Instagram or Pinterest, and utilizing their cell phones. In conclusion clients that want to reach and engage their particular audience need to be all of these places.


6 Tips to Getting Started in Social Media: A Recap from This Week’s Webinar

This past week my colleague and I attended a  webinar on social media strategy put together by Media Life Magazine. As a media agency whose digital department continues to grow, we’re always looking to expand our knowledge within the social media space. While most of the information presented was focused on businesses just getting started in social media, the presenter had some excellent tips even for the seasoned social marketer. Here are six of the key takeaways we took from the presentation.

  1. Having traditional AND social presence- if you only use one strategy you will lose market share. Make sure you remain flexible in developing your online strategies. Just because you want to be online doesn’t mean you have to abandon your other strategies. Understanding your existing marketing initiatives and how you can leverage them with your new social strategy with help you become successful.
  2. Use social icons across all mediums – be sure to let people know you are available on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Make sure business cards include how they can contact you via social media.
  3. Defining your audience and goals upfront so that you are not wasting time and money. Making sure you know who you’re trying to reach and not posting blindly. Understanding what goal you’re reaching towards. Whether it’s making money or expanding our audience, your goal needs to be defined in the beginning. If you are trying to reach:
    1. Broad targeted audience – Facebook
    2. Women/Selling products – Pinterest
    3. B2B – LinkedIn
  4. Figure out how much time your company can afford to spend on social media. Do you need to outsource it? Can you afford managing internally? Defining how much time you can invest internally to managing a Facebook presence may save you time in the long run. If you don’t have time, don’t create 10 different profiles.  Social media takes time so don’t expect it to happen overnight. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t expect quick results when working with social media.
  5. Build relationships in order to earn trust.  Don’t always talk about yourself and your company’s offerings. Talking about yourself too much will turn off your audience. Create compelling content – don’t post statements; ask questions, be engaging, interact and make it interesting by staggering posts across all social media outlets.
  6. Define your goals – Be sure to establish immediate, long-term and monthly goals. You can always measure the results of the campaign to tell what works and what doesn’t. Where is the traffic coming from? How are people engaging? This is the type of information you should look for when analyzing your social presence. No matter what your goal, you should always run analytics to measure the success of your campaigns and to make adjustments.