Media Spotlight: Elizabeth Furlong, Junior Media Buyer

elizabethEditor’s note: “Media Spotlight” is an ongoing series where we interview the wide range of professionals that make up our growing office. From the traditional media planners to our digital buyers, you’ll gain insight into the many levels that make up Media Works Ltd. This week we interview Junior Media Buyer, Elizabeth Furlong

How long have you been working in media/ advertising? 3 years – I was an advertising major in college and knew I wanted to get into media planning as soon as I graduated!

Can you describe a day in your life at Media Works? A good day or a bad day? (Just kidding!) We tend to make most of our buys on a quarterly basis, so the month before a quarter begins – December, March, June, September – is always a crazy time because we’ve just gotten budgets and are spending lots of time making phone calls, negotiating rates, placing orders, and tweaking dates. During periods that are not so hectic, we have more time to spend researching industry trends for our clients, investigating new media platforms, and holding brainstorming sessions. Billing and paperwork, trafficking creative to the correct outlets, and iced coffee are things that pretty much stay the same for me each day.

What’s your all-time favorite ad campaign? What made it special?

A few years ago, Ogilvy did a series of ads for Dove (“Evolution” and “Onslaught”) which drew attention to some of the issues with the way the beauty and cosmetic industries target girls and women. It’s a really interesting campaign and I liked the fact that Ogilvy and Dove highlighted an issue associated with advertising, through advertising. It goes to show that sometimes you just need to fight fire with fire.

What advice would you offer to someone looking to get into the advertising industry?

Get internships and try to get a better understanding of what part of the industry you want to be in. Do you like working with big concepts or are you more of a numbers and details person? Do you like working with people and shaking hands on a daily basis or are you more of a behind-the-scenes, “make-it-happen” person? There’s no right or wrong answer but it definitely helps to know when looking for jobs and going on interviews. I learned a lot about this working on group projects in college and that really helped me.

What’s something that no one knows about you?

I entered college as a biology major, and thought I wanted to be a doctor.


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