How Advertisers Capitalize on Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of the year again – New Year…New You. January is a month for change and renovation. Companies and advertisers seize this opportunity to target customers looking for inspiration and motivation by offering deals and promotions to help accomplish their resolutions.  In order to capture the attention of the consumer and keep them coming back for more, advertisers need to be up-to-date on current social and media trends creating campaigns where they can interact with the customer and tweaking them continuously to keep capturing the client’s attention. Here are some interesting statistics about resolutions:

–          Half of New Year’s resolutions made are out the window by Independence Day (Forbes)

–          Only about 10% of people who made resolutions maintained their resolve by the following New Year’s (Forbes)

In order for agencies to help consumers commit to New Year’s resolutions, they should remain flexible while strategizing for new campaigns and more importantly, focus messaging on the changing media landscape. What used to work for advertisers in the past may not be the best option now.

Here are some current campaigns that successfully focus on New Year’s resolutions:

The Weight Watcher’s 360 program is one of the New Year’s campaigns where singer/clothing designer Jessica Simpson talks about the benefits of the program and how it helped her improve her health by losing over 50 pounds. They also offer the Weight Watchers mobile app where users can keep track of their food, weight and activity to stay on plan. Click here to view the latest TV spot:



The Planet Fitness New Year’s campaign, called by The New York Times “A Gym for People Who Don’t Like Gyms”, offers members a “Judgment Free Zone” where you won’t experience any “Gymtimidation”


Applebee's photo

This Applebee’s January campaign promotes their new menu, featuring meals for under 550 calories. Click here to view their latest ad:


BL Photo

With the new season of “The Biggest Loser” kicking off this week, Subway is once again partnering with the show to promote a healthier lifestyle by eating fresh/healthy meals and exercising. With this register-to-win offer, lucky viewers can win a trip to the Season Finale in March.

Tell us what your New Year’s Resolution is, and if you’ve been influenced by any advertising lately?




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