Media Works wasn’t built on the typical business model of do whatever it takes to become the biggest and the baddest. Instead, we just wanted to be compensated fairly for doing what we loved and feel good about ourselves at the end of the day. That rather simple philosophy has served us well. It’s meant as a company and as individuals, we’ve been able to pursue outside interests and, in the process, create an even stronger bond between the people who work here.

Together, we’ve made bras for charity, supported programs for dyslexic children and served dinner to families in need. We’ve worked pro bono for numerous non-profits and organized fundraising events in our spare time. We’ve also had a lot of laughs along the way – we’ve celebrated five weddings, yearly boat trips, the occasional Jimmy Buffet concert and holiday trips to NY.

Some people measure success strictly by the bottom line. We measure success as the ability to work hard, play hard, give something back and be respectful of people’s personal lives. During the past two decades, we’re happy to say all of the above can and, indeed, do go hand-in-hand.


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