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Media Spotlight: Amanda Remeto, Account Supervisor/Media Buyer

CIMG1111Editor’s note: “Media Spotlight” is an ongoing series where we interview the wide range of professionals that make up our growing office. From the traditional media planners to our digital buyers, you’ll gain insight into the many levels that make up Media Works Ltd. This week we interview Account Supervisor/Media Buyer, Amanda Remeto

How long have you been in media?

9.5 years!

Can you describe a day in your life at Media Works?

Fast paced and ever-changing.  I enjoy coming in each day and catching up with my clients & co-workers.  I never know what the day will bring and that keeps my job exciting.  Never a boring day here at Media Works.

What are some of the challenges of your position?

Juggling my family and career.  The advertising world never stops and sometimes you need to be able to “put out fires” after normal 9-5:30 hours.

What is your all-time favorite ad campaign? What made it special? 

That is tough as there are a lot of creative campaigns that launched the past couple years I like.  I’m going to go back a decade or so and say the old McDonalds campaign with the whole gang – Ronald, Hamburglar & Grimace….  The characters really appealed to children.  Also the Folgers jingle gets stuck in my head still – “best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup”. 

Can you name a recent campaign/ commercial that you would’ve done differently? 

The Fiat launch campaign with Jennifer Lopez.  She’s not who I would have picked to represent that brand.  Also I personally find the Progressive insurance current campaign with the sales women annoying.  Although I see the commercials everywhere so the agency did a good job of reaching me and frequently.  They just need to switch up the creative.

What advice would you offer someone looking to get into the industry?

Get experience through multiple internships and try out creative, PR and the media side to determine what fits your personality/strengths the best.  Some young college grads get into media even though they don’t like to deal or work with numbers. That just doesn’t make sense to get into media if you can’t stand working with numbers.

What’s something that no one knows about you? 

I love to garden which most people I meet are surprised about and I love to read novel thanks to my kindle.


Pan Am, Revenge, Once Upon a Time – Mark your calendars!

As media buyers we all get excited to get a sneak peak of new prime programming for the Fall season.  This week we had the opportunity to watch clips of the upcoming Fall ABC prime lineup.  There are a good number of new scripted TV series that looked promising for the Fall as well as the staple half hour sitcoms that have brought Wednesdays night’s s into “must see” TV.   Below are some highlights – enjoy!

Sunday night:

  • Newcomer Once Upon  A Time will replace Extreme Makeover Home Edition (which is moving to Friday nights) at the 8pm time slot.  Produced by the creative minds behind Lost this show will definitely be entertaining and suspenseful.
  • After Desperate Housewives Pam Am will premiere.  Shows appear to be reverting back to stories of the 1960’s as this era has a lot of entertainment value.

Wednesday night:

  • With great placement between The Middle and Modern Family the new sitcom Suburgatory should fit well into the comedic block on Wednesday nights.
  • Revenge will air at the 10pm slot which is a smart spot for this intense, cliff hanger drama.

Thursday night:

  • After years off air Charlie’s Angels is going to be revived with a modern twist.   Airing at 8pm before Grey’s Anatomy this new show stars Minka Kelly, Racael Taylor & Annie Llonzeh.

Returning shows include:  Dancing with Stars, Desperate Housewives, Castle, Body of Proof, The Middle, Modern Family, Happy Endings, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, EXHM, Shark Tank & 20/20.  Mid-Season returns:  The Bachelor, Cougar Town, Secret Millionaire, What Would You Do? & Wipeout.

To read more about these new shows:

NBC Upfront – 5/16

Three representatives from Media Works attended the NBC upfront through a live feed at WBAL-TV Monday morning.  NBC presented a lively upfront with guest appearances by Seth Myers, Jimmy Fallon, Donald Trump and closed the presentation out with performances by Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green.

The big take away from this event (besides the fact that Donald Trump is not running for President) was that NBC is banking on the new show “The Voice” to be the networks heavy hitter for 2011 and possibly well into the next couple years.  There was not a lot of talk around the NFL lockout – the network is very excited about their Sunday Night Football lineup.  From a local standpoint WBAL is scheduled to get 3 prime time Ravens games.  NBC is introducing 6 new shows for the fall and several mid-season replacements that looked promising.  A lot of name talent is coming back to television after a short hiatus – Amanda Peet, Christina Applegate, Will Arnett, Hank Azaria, Maria Bello & Laura Prepon.  Long standing shows that are returning – The Biggest Loser, L&O SVU, The Office and Dateline.  Giving another season to Harry’s Law, Parks & Rec., The Sing-Off, Parenthood & Community.  Chuck is returning for its final season which will air on Fridays.

Market News: DC Station WTOP Sold

Bonneville owned DC based radio station WTOP-FM has just been sold to Hubbard Broadcasting Inc. in an all-cash deal valued at $505 million.  WTOP is one of the 17 radio stations being sold in this deal.  This is big news being that WTOP is the top-ranked radio station in the DC market as well as a cash machine.   In 2009 WTOP had $51.03 million in revenue – the second highest annual revenue in the nation behind KIIS in LA.

Minneapolis based Hubbard Broadcasting will acquire these stations along with two top Bonneville executives.

Bonneville has owned WTOP for nearly 14 years – it was acquired from Evergreen Broadcasting back in 1997.  Bonneville will keep its existing stations in LA, Phoenix, Seattle and Salt Lake City (where the company is based).

Bonneville Senior Regional Vice President Joel Oxley says “There will be no changes as a result of the sale so it will be business as usual for WFED and WTOP”.  He will remain Senior Vice President and oversee Hubbard’s new Washington station.

Media Works Makes Headlines

Media Works is happy to announce the addition of our newest account in the Baltimore Sun Business section early Friday morning.  After a fast and furious pitch process we were selected as the new agency of record for the Van Tuyl Automotive Group based in Phoenix, Arizona.

We are excited to work with this new client in a variety of markets across the US and have already begun our market trips and planning process.  This has been a great win for Media Works and we thank our client Mile One for the wonderful recommendation!

Please check out our recent press in the Baltimore Sun.

How the Younger Generation is Coping

I read through a research study a few weeks back that JWT conducted on the Millennial generation (18-29) and how they are coping with the recession. I just barely still fall into this demo so I was intrigued to read the findings. How is the rest of this generation dealing with the current economic conditions and how are they being impacted?

Some of these findings surprised me, but others made complete sense.  Here’s what I found most interesting:

  • The two things 18-29 year olds are most opposed to giving up if budgets become tight are their internet connection and their cell/smart phone.
  • Social connectivity is entertainment for this generation. This means traditional forms of entertainment are expendable.
  • Overall they feel the recession has dealt their generation an unfair blow, but a portion of them see this as a good market for first-time home buyers and entrepreneurs and they are prepared to take advantage. Continue reading

TV Ads on the Web

There is a new concept in the advertising industry — create a new standard video ad unit for the web that can be sold much like TV. A company called ShortTail is kicking off a beta test this summer called the Digital 30 or D30. This is a full-screen ad placement built to view traditional 15- and 30-second TV spots. The difference between D30 and other web video ads is that the D30 loads between web pages.

The key to this summer’s test (besides running bigger, bolder creative) is to evaluate how many users are willing to view full ads via the D30. The company will need to conduct surveys to gauge consumers’ reactions to this new ad unit and how intrusive it is to them. Similar tests have been conducted by different companies in the past with mixed results. The difference now is that we may be reaching a stage in the industry where consumers are such frequent video users that their tolerance is higher. Consumers are using the internet for more than just information and video viewing is now at an all-time high.

Will users embrace this 30-second TV commercial running on the web? My initial reaction to this news was annoyance. I use the web mostly to get quick information at my fingertips. I cannot imagine having the patience to watch a commercial while I’m trying to get where I want to be on the web.

Once I had more time to let this concept permeate, though, I decided this would probably be a big step for the web in regards to generating revenue. Consumers have accepted commercials on television and on radio so why not on the web as well?