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LifeBridge Health Announces New ICE App

We recently worked with our client, LifeBridge Health, to launch a very important smart phone App. Their In Case of Emergency (ICE) PLUS  app is more functional than fun, but is no less a necessity than Facebook or Angry Birds, and deserves an icon on your home screen. Sorry Droid users, but your version will be available for download next week. (We will update this blog post when it is available.)

This new App provides your ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact information on your wallpaper, which is viewable above the lock screen. If you are in an emergency and can’t communicate, the authorities or a health care provider can get in touch with your designated contact person.  Additionally, the App collects a list of medications you take or allergies you suffer from and provides a list of physicians and hospitals based on your current location.  Lifesaving information if you’re ever unable to communicate.


The App is functional and informative, and like putting a flashlight in your glove box or jumper cables in the trunk of your car, you hope you never need it, but you’ll be glad it’s there when you do.

Marketing the new App has been under development as long as the App has been in development. Since the App is relevant to so many people (sadly none of us are immune to an emergency situation), it’s important for us to use multiple mediums to reach the diverse audience that can benefit from downloading ICE PLUS.  In addition to the usual digital suspects including SEM, social media ads, online and mobile display banners, radio and print ads are also used as channels in our marketing plan to inform the public that the app is available.

But unlike a Field of Dreams, just because we built it doesn’t mean millions of smart phone users will come. With over 775,000 apps in the App Store even an extraordinary, relevant and functional app like ICE PLUS doesn’t get found without a little paid media behind it. Integrating the new app message into all our marketing materials, not just the ones in the digital space, is very important if we are going to reach the majority of our audience.


How Advertisers Capitalize on Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of the year again – New Year…New You. January is a month for change and renovation. Companies and advertisers seize this opportunity to target customers looking for inspiration and motivation by offering deals and promotions to help accomplish their resolutions.  In order to capture the attention of the consumer and keep them coming back for more, advertisers need to be up-to-date on current social and media trends creating campaigns where they can interact with the customer and tweaking them continuously to keep capturing the client’s attention. Here are some interesting statistics about resolutions:

–          Half of New Year’s resolutions made are out the window by Independence Day (Forbes)

–          Only about 10% of people who made resolutions maintained their resolve by the following New Year’s (Forbes)

In order for agencies to help consumers commit to New Year’s resolutions, they should remain flexible while strategizing for new campaigns and more importantly, focus messaging on the changing media landscape. What used to work for advertisers in the past may not be the best option now.

Here are some current campaigns that successfully focus on New Year’s resolutions:

The Weight Watcher’s 360 program is one of the New Year’s campaigns where singer/clothing designer Jessica Simpson talks about the benefits of the program and how it helped her improve her health by losing over 50 pounds. They also offer the Weight Watchers mobile app where users can keep track of their food, weight and activity to stay on plan. Click here to view the latest TV spot:



The Planet Fitness New Year’s campaign, called by The New York Times “A Gym for People Who Don’t Like Gyms”, offers members a “Judgment Free Zone” where you won’t experience any “Gymtimidation”


Applebee's photo

This Applebee’s January campaign promotes their new menu, featuring meals for under 550 calories. Click here to view their latest ad:


BL Photo

With the new season of “The Biggest Loser” kicking off this week, Subway is once again partnering with the show to promote a healthier lifestyle by eating fresh/healthy meals and exercising. With this register-to-win offer, lucky viewers can win a trip to the Season Finale in March.

Tell us what your New Year’s Resolution is, and if you’ve been influenced by any advertising lately?



Nurse’s Week 2012

Have you ever needed to go to the emergency room for an urgent ailment?  Required surgery? Or had a baby?  Maybe you needed to have blood drawn at a doctor’s appointment?  Or possibly you were just visiting a friend or family member in the hospital or in an assisted or long-term living facility?  If you said yes to any of these questions, then the person you had the most interactions with during your visit was a nurse.

This week is National Nurse’s Week, the week every year where nurses are celebrated from May 6 through May 12 (the birthday of the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale, according to the American Nurses Association).  Each year at this time the men and women who work so tirelessly to heal the sick and wounded are honored for what they do every day.  There aren’t enough words to thank those who put forth the energy and passion that nursing requires; so we at Media Works honor you, the nurses.  And we want to recognize these strong individuals in the best way we know how, by bringing attention to this great profession through the magic of media!

One of our biggest and longest clients at Media Works is LifeBridge Health, a regional health care organization based in northwest Baltimore city and Baltimore County.  For Nurses Week, LifeBridge created multiple ads for both TV and print as a thank you to nurses.  In a few print publications, LifeBridge ran a “Thank You for Being a Nurse” ad for their recruitment division (pictured at left) that not only showed their appreciation for nurses; it also reached out to potential job seekers looking for a nursing job.  The ad recognized the hard work and diligence of their nursing staff, something of vast importance to applicants who are searching for a place where they can feel valued and appreciated for their work.   Through this print medium, LifeBridge made it very clear they are that place for these potential employees and are encouraging them to apply to be a part of this important team of nurses changing the world one day at a time.

In addition to the print ads, LifeBridge also ran a: 30 TV spot that really tugs on the heart strings!  From an amputee to a woman with cancer, real individuals with real ailments are thanking the nurses personally on camera for what they are doing and have done for each of them.  It’s not every day that these people can express their gratitude, but through simple words and facial expression it is evident that they feel lucky to have been helped and treated by a nurse.

Another Media Works client, Baltimore Washington Medical Center in Glen Burnie, highlighted a specific nurse at their hospital via their website who was given quite an award.  On April 15, Severna Park resident Lynn Brown was named “Emergency Room Nurse of the Year” by the Maryland Academy of Emergency Physicians.  Brown has been an ER nurse at Baltimore Washington Medical Center for 23 years and graduated from The University of Maryland School of Nursing in Baltimore in1976; 35 years ago this July.  Through their website, BWMC highlights Brown’s accomplishments and brings attention to an individual who has embodied the life of a nurse to the fullest extent.  Brown, who was nominated by her peers, has found that a long career in nursing has been a pleasure. “I knew I wanted to go into to the medical profession because I am a humanitarian… I’ve always liked to help people,” Brown explained. “I was good at science and thought healthcare would be good for me. So, I tried nursing, and I fell in love with it and have been at it ever since,” she said.  Additional information or the entire article can be found here:

Nursing is a career that requires great care and dedication.  It is a thankless job that should be celebrated every day, rather than only one week in the year.  However, if we only have a short time-frame to honor the men and women of nursing each year, whether it is through television, radio, the internet, or another advertising medium, we at least know that there are many avenues we can take to bring the right attention to this great profession and what it takes to be a nurse.


Today, Mandy, Jennifer and I had the pleasure of attending the Jay Strongwater breakfast at Regalo to support braVo!. It was such a nice event. Creations from Jay Strongwater were beautifully displayed at tables based on the Jay’s collections. For instance, the table where we sat was called “Charming” as the center piece incorporated the charm jewelry collection. Another table was called “Meadow” and displayed that collection.

A portion of all the proceeds from the items purchased at the event benefit the braVo! Financial Assistance Fund at Lifebridge Health. Established four years ago, this fund helps patients in need obtain services that are not covered by insurance such as breast prosthesis, wigs, transportations to and from treatments and utility bills. Media Works is happy we could help support such a great organization.

A Visit to the Hackerman-Patz House

Sinai Hospital (part of LifeBridge Health, a Media Works client) in Baltimore has built a center that caters to young patients and their families as a home away from home. The Hackerman-Patz House was built in 2004 as a place where patients and their families from all over the world can stay during and after limb lengthening surgeries to rehabilitate and recuperate. Families of patients have an opportunity in the house to find strength in themselves and support from other families who have loved ones going through similar surgeries.

The International Center for Limb Lengthening at Sinai Hospital, led by Dr. John Herzenberg, is designed to provide the most technologically-advanced treatments for upper and lower limb discrepancies, deformities, defects, infections, and short stature. Patients from all 50 states, over 50 countries and across 6 continents have come to this center for treatment. After surgery, patients can stay between one night to a year at the Hackerman-Patz House as long as another surgery or appointment is scheduled during their time at the home.

The Media Works team took time on Tuesday evening to visit the Hackerman-Patz house to bring dinner and gifts. Gwen, the coordinator of the home, took us on a tour of the house and gave us a chance to meet some of the patients that are staying there. We learned that many of the patients are young children who are in need of lengthening surgery to live a normal life.

Media Works at the Hackerman-Patz House


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LifeBridge Health Tweets a Hip Surgery

For those that don’t know, Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows people to communicate through the exchange of quick and frequent updates known as “tweets”. Tweets are text postings (limited to 140 characters) which are displayed on the user’s profile page and delivered to those who are known as followers. Anyone can set up a Twitter profile in hopes that people will be interested in what they have to say and ultimately subscribe to become their follower.

What better way for a company to market itself and its services than by creating interest on Twitter? Our client, LifeBridge Health Systems in Baltimore, set up their Twitter account in January of this year. As of this writing, they have 1,147 followers. They tweet everyday to keep their followers updated on the latest health issues and news.

Daily updates are great but why can’t a hospital tweet about a specific surgery, essentially as a play-by-play? The marketing specialists at LifeBridge thought the same thing so on Thursday, May 14th they tweeted their first surgery – a Hip Resurfacing performed by the doctors of Sinai’s Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics

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Baltimore Washington Medical Center – Calypso: GPS for the Body

On April 20th, Media Works helped Baltimore Washington Medical Center launch their Calypso – GPS for the Body media campaign. Calypso – GPS for the Body is a new technology that is used to treat prostate cancer. With an outpatient procedure, a GPS is implanted into the prostate, enabling the radiologist to pinpoint exactly where to provide the radiation.

The media campaign consists of radio, newspaper, magazine, outdoor, online display and search engine marketing. All media is focused on the Baltimore market with some exposure in the Washington DC market, as well as the entire state. Research showed that while prostate cancer affects men, it is the women that make the health care decisions for the family. As a result, we concluded that the target demographic is Adults 35-64.

To reach this target on radio, we utilized WCBM-AM, WBAL-AM, WPOC-FM, WLIF-FM, WWIN-FM and WZBA-FM. As for newspaper, we purchased ¼ page full color ads in the Baltimore Sun and ¼ page B/W ads in the Sunday Capital, Maryland Gazette and West County News. To compliment the print component, ½ page, full color ads in Baltimore Magazine, Chesapeake Life, Urbanite and What’s Up Annapolis were used.

Outdoor will begin in May with bulletins rotating around I-95, I-83 and 295. Lastly, we employed online display and search engine marketing. Search will focus more on the treatments offered for prostate cancer. For online display, we used and in addition to the ad network, Undertone. Display is targeted to Adults 35-64 in Maryland, as well as contextually targeted to the health channels and sections.

We are really excited about the launch of this campaign.