Social Media: Down To A Science

Ever wonder what shows and commercials are talked about the most on social media networks? What is really, really trending? Rentrak Corporation, a leader in multi-screen media measurement serving the advertising, television and entertainment industries, has measurement tools to see what shows are engaging the most viewers and what shows and commercials are “chatted” about most on social media. These two metrics, the “stickiness index” and the “social media index,” give us a unique outlook into the world of media and advertising, from the eyes, ears, and words of the viewer.


These metrics reflect what series are most popular each week based on viewer engagement (Stickiness Index) and commentary on social media networks (Social Media Index). As defined by Rentrak, the stickiness index is “calculated for the top 500 series based on rating according to Rentrak TV Essentials… of the top-20 primetime ad-supported series based on level of viewer engagement as determined by how much the average percentage viewed of the series varies from an average of all series of the same duration during Monday-Saturday primetime (8pm-11pm)” (Source: Rentrak Corporation).


The social media index, which combines Rentrak’s leading TV Essential system with Bluefin Labs social response analytics, “shows how television programing triggers reactions through social media which can affect audience visibility and engagement” (Source: Rentrak Corporation).

Founded in 2008, Bluefin Labs uses their research in cognitive science and machine learning at the MIT Media Lab to calculate this metric. There really is science behind the Bluefin social response analytics—they call it “mapping the TV genome,” which they define as “essentially a huge dataset that quantifies and organizes all social media conversations about TV” (Source:

So, what were top ten shows people were posting about during the week of February 11th-17th? Based on Rentrak Corporation here are the top ten based on social media index:

  1. 2013 NBA All-Star Game, TNT- 383,235
  2. NBA Basketball- 2013 NBA All-Star Saturday Night, TNT- 186,907
  3. State of the Union 2013- State of the Union (12 Networks), Special Event- 168,956
  4. NBA Basketball- Miami Heat at Oklahoma City Thunder, TNT- 74,133
  5. The Walking DeadHome, AMC- 71,559
  6. Pretty Little LiarsWhat Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?, ABC Family- 58,766
  7. NBA Basketball- Los Angeles Clippers at Los Angeles Lakers, TNT- 35,328
  8. The Bachelor, ABC- 34,296
  9. College Basketball- multiple games, ESPN- 28,835
  10. NBA Basketball-All-Star Celebrity Game, ESPN- 27,726


This further shows us how TV viewing landscape has changed drastically and is no longer always a linear viewing. People are often looking at multiple screens with divided attention, giving us even more insight into how to target to our desired audience.

Source: Rentrak Corporation 2013


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