Moms & Media: Top 5 Shows To Enjoy As A Family

The kids are back in school (YEA!) and it’s getting dark outside earlier (BOO!) While the kids aren’t able to play outside until bedtime anymore, this is the perfect time for families to watch TV together while winding down for the evening.

Gone are the days of T.G.I.F. – ABC’s way of promoting family friendly programming on Friday nights – a night that typically struggles in viewership. With so many options available on TV and through online distributors like Hulu, it’s becoming much easier to find those special shows for the family to enjoy. While we’ve recently begun advertising on sites like Hulu because of the steady increase in audience, this article will be focused on strictly broadcast TV shows.

As media professionals, we’re ALWAYS talking about what TV shows were on last night or new programming that’s coming up.  So, we know what all the adults are watching after the kids go to bed, but I thought it would interesting to see what shows families watch on TV together, as a family.

I took an informal poll here at the office to see what shows families watch together.  The ages of children in our office varies so greatly, that programming watched varied as well!

1)       American Idol/American’s Got Talent – Any of the talent shows are a hit among families of all age children.  No worries for inappropriate behavior or dialogue and there always seems to be at least 1 or more of them on in any given month!

2)       Modern Family – seems to be an all around winner with all age groups of children – definitely more people with older children watch this together, but all agree that this is a light comedy that can be enjoyed by all.  (The younger kids will not get some of the adult humor!)

3)       America’s Funniest Videos – an oldie but a goodie!  One of my families absolute favorites any day of the week.  The great news, you can catch it on a multitude of networks as well!

4)       Amazing Race – How great is it to get to travel around the world with your family without leaving the privacy of your own family room?  I know my kids have started their list of countries they want to travel to based on watching this family favorite!

5)       Last but not least, just about any show on the Disney Channel!  From classics like Drake and Josh, to Phineas and Ferb (I LOVE Candice!), A.N.T. Farm, Jessie and Shake it Up – you can’t go wrong with Disney programming.


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