Heineken Serenades This Valentine’s Day

Written by guest blogger: Victoria Salvatoriello 


Definition of a Valentine:

1: a sweetheart chosen or complimented on Valentine’s Day

2a : a gift or greeting sent or given especially to a sweetheart on Valentine’s Day; a greeting card sent on this day b : something (as a movie or piece of writing) expressing uncritical praise or affection: a tribute

We all remember the days of coloring handmade valentine’s or purchasing a box of My Little Pony’s or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cards to hand out in class. When we get older sometimes we forget just how special those little notes made us feel.

This year, Heineken, that’s right. These guys, will be turning to social media to bring a smile to your sweetheart’s face. (Beer..brings on smiles? I can see it.)

Facebook is launching a fun application based on Heineken’s second global film “The Date” where you can actually serenade your sweetie. Advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam has co-developed this app where customers can create a personalized song in just a few clicks of your mouse. In similarity to the old days of writing a check “Yes” or “No” note for a date, the waiting game will be much in the same. After creating your song it’s all about the waiting game. You will submit your song to their Facebook wall and wait to see if your crush has said yes or no to your date offer.

Senior Director Cyril Charzat of Global Heineken Brand stated, “‘The Serenade’ is designed to take some of the stress out of asking a partner to go on a date. It’s fun, interactive and guaranteed to make an impression” – This application is part of the brand’s ‘Open your World’ global campaign which celebrates aspirational behaviors among adult consumers.

February 9th tune in to “Serenade Live,” an 8-hour YouTube event where individuals all over the world will get a chance to serenade there sweethearts live in the internet.

With Social Media constantly evolving, is this really the way of the future? Or are you still a sucker for a phone call or a face-to-face request?

To learn more check out the app http://www.Facebook.com/Heineken or follow the serenades on Twitter @Heineken #Serenade, #SerenadeLive

For more information on the author you can follow her on Twitter at @_vikster or on her blog at victoriasalv.wordpress.com.


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