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Top 5 Brands Effectively Using Vine

Twitter’s popular Vine app announced this week that it will now be available on Android operating systems. This newly poplar 6-second looping video application began back in January on Apple iOS and I can attest based on my own experience with a 12-year old son that it’s the hottest new form of social media today. Consumers looking to target teens (and parents of teens) should keep their eye on The Vine.

Similar to Instagram, this app allows users to create a series of short video clips with their friends. As more and more adults become social media gurus, the teen generation has migrated away from the traditional Facebook, Twitter and YouTube’s of the world and find them no longer “cool”. According to a new study  called The Pew Internet and American Life‘s new study, “Teens, Social Media, and Privacy,”  teens “have waning enthusiasm for Facebook, disliking the increasing adult presence, people sharing excessively, and stressful ‘drama,’.

Like Twitter celebrities are catching on with The Vine and you can follow top celebrity videos on The Vine from Snoop Dog, Soulja Boy, Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale, and even Jimmy Fallon and Tyra Banks!

Some brands adopted The Vine early on; Wheat Thins, GE and candy brand Red Vines have all run Promoted Tweets with Vine videos. Also reported in Mobile Marketer,  Dunkin’ Donuts, recently launched a contest on the Vine requesting fans to take a post a video of how their iced coffee puts “a spring in their step.” The advent of the 6-second video is making :60 second, :30 second and even :15 second commercials units of the dark ages.

Here’s a great infographic that explains Vine put together by Media Bistro. Click on the image below to read in detail:

Vine pic

Creative Uses of the 6-Second Video on The Vine by Top Brands:

1) Doritos – Frito-Lay brand used the official Mariachi Doritos band they performed a mystery tune to get brand fans to play along.


2) Taco Bell – promoted their new Cool Ranch Dorito Taco.


3) Lowe’s – used the video to show how to fix a striped screw with a rubber band (wow I just learned something really cool!)


4) Bacardi – offered a 6-second drink recipe


5) Urban Outfitters teamed with Converse to get Chuck-lovers to submit 6-second video diaries of their adventures with these popular shoes. The best #yourchucks entries won prizes such as free sneakers or a trip to San Francisco.


In May The Vine was No. 1 on the Apple App Store with over 13 million users.  The question remains of its longevity, however considering the appeal to the teen generation its popularity is likely to be short lived as trends wear quickly. Only time will tell and as a media specialist this is why our jobs are so much more difficult today. The consumer media vehicles are so diverse and constantly changing. By the time I figure this out I’m sure there will be something new.


Crash Course in Social Media

This week, I had the opportunity to sit and learn from some of Baltimore’s social media gurus, thanks to the Baltimore Business Journal. On a personal level, I consider myself fluent in social media. When I told my sister I was attending this course she said, “Are you teaching it?” On a daily basis, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. However, on a professional level, I am only just starting to learn the in’s and out’s of social media and what it has to offer our clients. This year’s Crash Course featured local professionals from Planit, BBJ, Yelp! and of course Media Works! Each presenter covered different areas of social media, giving the audience a better understanding of what social media’s capabilities. Here are few insights I caught during the presentations:

BBJ Crash Course in Social Media   Planit: “Share Those Assets: Using Social Media at Live Events to Drive Engagement”

  • Make your events social! Use sites like EventBrite, which is a social community on its own and connect to Facebook and Twitter. This will allow your attendees to engage/interact with each other and build excitement for your event.
  • Bring the event to life – instant postings and live-tweeting during the event. Live-tweeting during events will allow your audience who could not attend the event feel like they are there.
  • Extend the event’s life – post pictures after the event. Once the event is over, keep the buzz and excitement going by engaging your audience and showing off the success.

Baltimore Business Journal: “How to Break News in a Digital World”

  • News consumption is increasing, because people are using social media to receive their news. The average person consumes news for about 70 minutes a day.
  • You do not need a link in each tweet to drive engagement. When you are breaking news, you don’t want to rush a story without accurate information. Your followers will still engage without the article.

Yelp!: “Beyond the Brick and Mortar – Tips to Personalize Your Business on Social Media and Make it Pop”

  •  Giving your brand a personality by having continuous dialogue with your audience through social media. Interact with your audience! They are taking the time to reach out to you, show some love back.
  • Commit to social media – do not just join and disappear, give it the effort to create relationships. You do not have to be on every outlet. Pick the channels that will best reach your audience and have a large presence.
  • Reputation management – take time to reply to not only the good but also the negative reviews, and make sure to be proud of your comments.


Media Works: “Social Contesting: Building Engagement Beyond the Like

  • Consider newer social media outlets like Instagram, Keek or Vine; don’t just stick with Facebook and Twitter. If you want to do a picture contest, Instagram may be a better outlet, since it is a photo-sharing medium.
  • Make your contest social! Add sharing capabilities for your contestants to show their friends/followers about your event. This will not only spread your contest organically but you may get more contestants who can do the same!

This, of course, is just a brief summary of these presentations. I cannot wait to try out some of the sites/ideas mentioned not only on a personal level, but now on a professional level. If you are interested in seeing more insight from this event, please check out #BBJCCSM on Twitter, to see what other attendees had to say!