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Brands Use Snapchat as an Innovative Marketing Tool

It seems Snapchat is no longer for funny selfies sent between friends.  Snapchat, the popular photo and video sharing app for mobile, has become a phenomenon among teenagers and adults alike. Why all the hype?  It is faster than sending multi-media messages via text and you can choose how many friends you send it to and for how long. The best part of the app? After the time is up, the picture disappears, unless the receiver screenshots it, in which Snapchat will notify you.

So with over 350 million snaps sent every day between users, it was only a short amount of time before brands jumped on the bandwagon. I first heard of brands using Snapchat in a Vocus blog post discussing a frozen yogurt chain 16 Handles, a clothing e-tailer Karmaloop, and Taco Bell all taking part in using Snapchat for marketing purposes. With a majority of brands using Twitter and Facebook to reach consumers, Snapchat may be the way for brands to stand out in the crowded market place.

Another brand using Snapchat, which I discovered on my own Instagram timeline, is the makeup brand NARS. The brand posted an image with the caption “Follow @NARSissist on Snapchat to peep the upcoming NARS Guy Bourdin collection at 12PM EST today!” Over 1,500 Instagram users liked the photo, and went to Snapchat to add the brand. The brand showed a 3-second video of the new collection, generating buzz on other social media sites. There has been no further Snapchats from the brand, but with such success, I’m sure users will be getting another Snap soon.

For brands looking to use Snapchat as a marketing tool, sending out coupons, introducing new products and posting images to generate buzz are all smart tactics. You’ve only got up to 10 seconds to make an impression, so use it wisely.

With brands showing interest in the photo and video sharing app, will Snapchat begin selling advertisements? Or will brands want to stick to the more personal use of Snapchat? With the announcement that Instagram will begin ads, who knows what is next for Snapchat.


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Top Five Things to See at Artscape

You don’t have to be an Art lover to love Artscape! With more than 350,000 people expected to attend this year’s three day event, there’s something for everyone.

The Festival covers a broad footprint, including Mt. Vernon, Bolton Hill and areas north of Penn Station, up to North Avenue. At one end of the festival is the North Stage near the Maryland Institute College of Art. Further down Charles Street are some of Baltimore’s most renowned centers for music, including The Lyric and the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall. Also on Charles St. is the Charles Theater, which pays homage to great films.

Artscape is a true celebration of all forms of art, and what makes it so unique is the variety and sheer number of artists on hand. There will be more than 150 artists, fashion designers, engineers and craftspeople lining the streets, and countless performances on and off the various stages, including film, music, dance, opera and street performances.

The weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend and Artscape is FREE. But, if you’re still not convinced it’s worth a visit, here are Media Works’ top five Artscape attractions:

–          Music: Artscape features three main stages and a ton of musical acts. This year’s headliners include Brian McKnight, Junkyard Saints, Clutch, Celebration and Emma White. In addition, there are local bands and DJ’s performing all weekend long.

–          Roadside Attractions: This year’s event features an area stretching for a quarter mile along Charles St., called “Roadside Attractions”. This area includes sculpture, performance art and music, as well as a 70’ tall Big Wheel, the Art Cars (an Artscape staple), musical acts on the North Stage, and several demonstrations by the State, including a crash test dummy demo and drunk driving simulator.

–          Art Car Parade: The Art Car Parade features a series of cars that can only be described as art on wheels. These automobiles have taken the mundane hood ornament to new levels. The parade starts on Sat. at 11AM and travels from AVAM up Charles to the Art Car Lounge, where they will be on display throughout the weekend.

–          At-TENT-ion:  Preston Street will be home to 20 tents at this year’s festival, where artists started with a white, empty, 2-person tent and transformed it into a unique space of artistic expression.

–          Squonk Opera: Have you ever seen a traveling rock opera performance on a huge truck? This year’s event features Squonk Opera’s newest musical and video production, “GO Roadshow”, a traveling performance on a huge truck. You can find them along Preston Street, or by following the human head blimp!