Walking BIllboards

The other day on the radio I heard an interesting story about a new form of advertising that has emerged in Japan.  It is providing jobs for many women in Japan allowing them to make a living working typical 8 hour days.  I was still unsure exactly what these women did, but know there are only two qualifications to being employed in this emerging field.  First, you must be a woman, and second, you must be an active participator on social media with at least 20 connections.  This offer just sounded too good to be true so I had to take a closer look.

Upon further research my eyes were opened to a new form of advertising gaining incredible popularity in Japan, walking billboards.  Young women are being paid by enterprisers to paste stickers or tattoos on their thighs and to walk around for 8 hours a day.  The only additional work besides walking around, is taking the time to take photos of themselves over the course of their day showing off their brand and posting them on their social media account.  This new trend has gained incredible popularity, it has been noted that since launch in 2012 over 1,300 girls have adopted this new profession.  This form of advertising could become revolutionary in the sense that the number of people it could reach is unimaginable.  Up until this point, the majority of billboards are stationary, but this new practice is a game changer providing ads with the unbelievable trait of mobility.  This trend has easily assimilated into the Japanese culture, but would it see the same success in the states?Leg-AdsThere are a few individuals in the United States that have somewhat caught on to this trend, but instead of using easily changeable and what some would consider harmless stickers or removable tattoos, these individuals got permanent logos tattooed on their bodies.  One man is currently in the process of raising funds in order to get tattooed advertisements removed from his face, but states that he is comfortable with advertisements on other places on his body besides his face.  If this new trend reaches the states it could shake up the advertising industry and completely change the way some organizations will market products and ideas.  However, it is debatable if there is room for this type of practice in the United States.  Keep your eyes peeled though, walking billboards could become a new market in the future.


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