LifeBridge Health Announces New ICE App

We recently worked with our client, LifeBridge Health, to launch a very important smart phone App. Their In Case of Emergency (ICE) PLUS  app is more functional than fun, but is no less a necessity than Facebook or Angry Birds, and deserves an icon on your home screen. Sorry Droid users, but your version will be available for download next week. (We will update this blog post when it is available.)

This new App provides your ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact information on your wallpaper, which is viewable above the lock screen. If you are in an emergency and can’t communicate, the authorities or a health care provider can get in touch with your designated contact person.  Additionally, the App collects a list of medications you take or allergies you suffer from and provides a list of physicians and hospitals based on your current location.  Lifesaving information if you’re ever unable to communicate.


The App is functional and informative, and like putting a flashlight in your glove box or jumper cables in the trunk of your car, you hope you never need it, but you’ll be glad it’s there when you do.

Marketing the new App has been under development as long as the App has been in development. Since the App is relevant to so many people (sadly none of us are immune to an emergency situation), it’s important for us to use multiple mediums to reach the diverse audience that can benefit from downloading ICE PLUS.  In addition to the usual digital suspects including SEM, social media ads, online and mobile display banners, radio and print ads are also used as channels in our marketing plan to inform the public that the app is available.

But unlike a Field of Dreams, just because we built it doesn’t mean millions of smart phone users will come. With over 775,000 apps in the App Store even an extraordinary, relevant and functional app like ICE PLUS doesn’t get found without a little paid media behind it. Integrating the new app message into all our marketing materials, not just the ones in the digital space, is very important if we are going to reach the majority of our audience.


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