Media Works’ Best Bets for the New Network Prime Shows

As summer winds down and fall is upon us, there are a few things we know for certain: The weather will turn colder, it will start getting darker earlier and many people will spend Sunday afternoons watching football.  However, many things remain uncertain including how the new network prime lineups will fair.

Every year, the networks put together what they hope will be a winning combination to capture the highest share of viewership.  Here at Media Works, we’ve been privy to the tapes that the networks put out, showing clips of their new shows and we’d love to share some of our insights and predictions with you.

ABC is starting the fall season with 3 new dramas and 2 new sitcoms.  They have what Entertainment Weekly is calling the “Biggest New Drama” – this would be Nashville starring Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere.   It airs on Wednesdays at 10pm with little competition in the way of the aging CSI on CBS and a new show receiving little buzz on NBC – Chicago Fire.

CBS’s new fare includes 3 dramas and 1 comedy.  Their drama Elementary has been receiving some “good buzz”.  It is a detective story featuring a modern day Sherlock Holmes and starring Jonny Lee Miller along with Lucy Liu as Watson.  Elementary can be seen on Thursday’s at 10pm against the ratings loser Rock Center with Brian Williams on NBC and the sophomore show Scandal on ABC.

FOX has the least amount of new shows on the fall calendar as they are committed to post season baseball in October along with 2 nights of the X Factor.  Their new line up contains 1 drama and 2 sitcoms.  However, they can claim what Entertainment Weekly is calling the “Biggest New Comedy” as their own.  This would be The Mindy Project starring Mindy Kaling.  The Mindy Project airing Tuesday at 9pm will have to beat back other sitcoms on the competition NBC has The New Normal (a new show) and ABC has Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23.  CBS airs the popular NCIS-LA.

NBC has the most new shows on its slate (2 dramas and 4 sitcoms) and lucky for them they were able to promote and showcase them during the highly rated Olympics.  One of the sitcoms receiving good buzz is “Go On” with Matthew Perry. This show has the advantage of its lead-in being The Voice on Tuesday nights.  NBC is taking chances and pinning a lot on their new Monday night drama “Revolution”.  AS some of its predecessors have proven, shows with overarching themes tend to get bogged down by their complexity and/or absurdity.  This remains to be seen with this show – one thing in its favor is the involvement of J.J. Abrams.

With so much fragmentation in viewing and all the choices on cable now available, a show is lucky to make it to a second season. We will be curious to see which of the shows that are receiving critical praise as well as good buzz in the advertising community will still be here next year. Want to make a wager??


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