The 2012 Media Olympics

After months of preparation, the 2012 Summer Olympics are officially here! Tonight’s opening ceremony marks the beginning of two weeks of Olympics festivities. Athletes from across the globe have arrived in London to represent their homeland. In more ways than one, the Olympics represent a coming together on many different levels. Not only is this a momentous occasion for sports fans, it’s also one of the biggest events in media. From social media to television advertising, consumers are going to have unprecedented access to the best of the best in media.

From an advertising standpoint, running a spot in Olympics programming will be costly, even at the local level. Normally, July and August are quiet times for TV stations, when viewership is typically low, the networks have not yet launched their new fall shows and people are taking summer vacations. However, the Olympics deliver ratings and excitement on an unprecedented level.

Media Works purchased an advertising package in Baltimore to get our Baltimore clients involved in this premium programming, when they might not normally be able to afford it on their own. With Michael Phelps on the verge of making Olympic history again, Baltimore’s ratings are expected to be very strong. Clients that will have spots airing in the Olympics in Baltimore include The Community College of Baltimore County, Jiffy Lube and Baltimore Washington Medical Center. Spots are targeted to specific, highly-rated programming, such as the Today Show, Evening News and in the Olympic Zone, which is the lead-in programming to the games during prime time. Advertisers such as Jiffy Lube and Baltimore Washington Medical Center both have spots in the actual games during the day, weekend and in prime time.

Another Media Works client taking advantage of Olympic programming is Fox Run, an Erickson Living property in Novi, Michigan. Media Works identified the connection between our Michigan-based retirement community and recommended running in Olympics programming. Fourteen athletes from Michigan are competing in the games, including top women’s gymnast Jordyn Wieber. With increased local interest, our client should see strong ratings in their target demographic of Women 65+, who coincidently have higher TV viewership levels. We are also anticipating that this Olympics schedule will reach new viewers because the Olympics draws both non- traditional TV viewers and sports fans.

Moving away from TV, there’s been a ton of buzz around social media’s role in the Olympic games. While you might not be in London for the games, you’ll still have a chance to follow along as if you were there.

Twitter established a dedicated page just for tweets about the Olympics. You can log on at any time and find pictures from the athletes themselves or follow along as people tweet during the games. The city of London has also integrated Twitter into the famous London Eye ferris wheel. Basically, the lights on the ferris wheel will change colors based on the sentiment around the games on Twitter. This is a really cool attempt to integrate technology with social interaction. For more information on social media’s impact on the Olympics please visit here.

Here are additional ways to watch the Olympic coverage.


IntoNow is a tablet application that allows you to interact with your favorite TV shows as you watch. The application turns your tablet into a second screen so you can experience television in a whole new way. Developed by Yahoo, the app delivers live stats to you as you watch the games on your television. This is the perfect tool for those who want to follow their favorite athletes and teams.

NBC Sports Live Extra-

If you’re a hardcore sports fan, you’ll definitely need to download the NBC Sports Live Extra app for your tablet. The app is based on a dashboard layout that updates you on all the Olympic scores at a glance. This year the rights to the games are owned by NBC which means you won’t be able to watch the game son any other websites or apps other than those owned by NBC. The best part is that with a subscription the app will allow you to watch the games live.

Enjoy the Games!!


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