Live from the Bachelor/Bachelorette Baltimore Auditions

Media Works has always been committed to staying on top of media trends, keeping tabs on the hottest shows, and being up-to-date on the latest news from the media world. So, when we found out that the Bachelor/Bachelorette auditions were coming to Baltimore, we decided to put a man on the ground and send in our very own Lauren Barnaba. WMAR-TV provided us with many of the details and teased the event at their Fall Upfront party on Wednesday night, so Lauren was ready to survey the scene and try her luck at landing a spot on the show.

The Show

On Tuesday mornings at Media Works, the topic of conversation is usually about the Bachelorette.  We discuss the previous night’s episode, including Emily’s attire and the awkward kissing. We swoon over the guys we like and pan the ones we don’t. We gawk at the secrets the contestants have kept and gossip about the secrets that have come out. Lately, we’ve tinkered with the idea that the soon-to-be-divorced Chris Harrison, host of the show, may end up with Emily – or better yet – may wind up on the show himself.

The Competition

When Lauren arrived at the Greene Turtle on McHenry Row where auditions were being held, she saw a line of people in front of the bar. There were more girls than guys, but it was definitely not the crowd the station anticipated. Lauren instantly began to size up her competition and weigh her odds.

The Interview

At the front of the line, show representatives collected applications. Then, applicants got back into another line for head and body shots. After the photos, they took groups of ten into the McHenry Row apartments to a holding room, where they waited for interviews. Lauren answered the following interview questions, while the camera captured her responses:

–          What is your name?

–          What is your age?

–          Where do you live?

–          What is your occupation?

–          What are your hobbies?

–          Briefly describe your dating history?

–          Why do you want to find love on the Bachelor/Bachelorette?

The Goody Bag

After the interview, Lauren received a goody bag from McHenry Row, which included a variety of items including chips and a chip clip, dog treats & a coupon from Dogma, a free pass to Bikram Yoga Baltimore, a McHenry Row koozie, a free 30-min. upgrade for Massage Envy, a coupon for 10% off merchandise at Charm City Run and a toothbrush.

The Call Back

Bachelor producers will be reviewing the interviews over the next few weeks. If they like Lauren and think she’d be a good contestant, she’ll get the all-important call back. We’ll update Lauren’s status once the show’s representatives get back to her, and see if she’ll be in the running to hear those magical words, “Lauren, will you accept this rose?”


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