Digital Dads

All eyes are focused on Dads this weekend and there is no shortage of online chatter (including this post) about Digital Dads. I consider myself well connected and previously I may have thought it was a byproduct of the industry I’m in, but it’s good to see that Dads are “ranking” and therefore getting their due from marketers. Adweek article

We work hard, we shop online, we clean the house, we post pictures of our kids on Facebook using Instagram, and yes, we do make major purchasing decisions – jointly of course 😉

There’s a great infographic on Mashable about Digital Dads and our use of technology.

62% of Digital Dads say they’re more tech-savvy than the average 15-year-old.  While my kids aren’t anywhere close to 15, I can see that their proficiency with technology at such an early age is a sign of great things to come. While we may consider ourselves Digital Dads, the generation we’ve created will undoubtedly be more versed in technology than we are and we should do what we can to embrace that.

At the end of every workday, I’m greeted by a wonderful chorus of “Daaaaadddy!” and knee-level hugs, promptly followed with my daughter grabbing my iPhone off the desk in the entry. I turn it over to her since, at four years old, she is adept at searching YouTube for Littlest Pet Shop videos and knows the songs I’ve downloaded for her by the album cover art.  My two-year-old son doesn’t complain: He plays with my old iPhone 3G because it isn’t worth a dime in the marketplace.  I have no problem being without my phone because I stay connected in the evening with my iPad, reading emails or news I couldn’t follow during the day. And, once or twice a week, I catch up with Facebook posts.

However, this weekend is Father’s Day and I’ll need to take back my phone. Saturday, I have to post pictures on Facebook of the kids at Sailabration, and Sunday while I’m on the golf course, I’ll use my golf app to find out EXACTLY how many yards it is to the pin, so I can make my club selection.


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