Technology in Review: Paper.Li

These days, one of the difficulties in writing about technology is that the landscape is constantly changing. What is shiny and new one day is a previous version of itself the next month.  The frequency of our need to update technologies is increasing and we’ve grown to expect it from mobile phones, computers and TVs. Now we should expect it from our print publications too.

Working in media, we’ve all witnessed the dramatic shift in newspaper viewership from traditional papers to tablet technology. Studies have shown that fewer people are subscribing to the physical newspaper, and are now purchasing a digital subscription for their tablet or PC.

This transition has also created a whole new market for software start-ups looking to capitalize on the decline of traditional publications. Today, we’ll talk more about Paper.Li, an online news aggregator looking to expand on the recent decline of newspapers.

So I bet you’re wondering, what in the world is a content aggregator? Essentially, Paper.Li offers a way to build your very own online newspaper based on specific keywords or trending topics you’re interested in. Whether you’re interested in snowboarding or scrap-booking, you can setup your paper around a topic of your choice.

To login, you simply connect your account to either your Twitter or Facebook account. This is done because the content in your newspaper is collected through your social media channels. Each week, day, or month, the paper goes online and scans the internet for articles that meet your specific criteria, and publishes them in your paper.

For example, let’s say you create a newspaper based on deep see fishing in South Florida. Every time your newspaper is generated, it will include articles, tweets, videos, photos, and links all about deep sea fishing in South Florida.

The service is great because you simply set it up and wait for your next issue to be generated. Once the paper is generated, you’ll get an email saying your paper is ready to view. The best part about Paper.Li is that it can also automatically publicize your paper through your Twitter and Facebook accounts, while also tagging those who’ve contributed stories to your issue. Lastly, readers also have a chance to subscribe to your paper as well. They can simply click “subscribe”, and receive your newspaper every time it’s published. This simple step can be monumental when trying to build your online following.

Here at Media Works we’ve been playing with the service long enough that we created not one, but five different papers. Each of our papers is focused on one of our specialties; automotive, healthcare, general media, education and the senior market. This tool has been vital in helping us stay on top of trends, but also for creating new relationships with both content creators and consumers. Below you’ll find links to each of our weekly papers. Check it out

Automotive Digest

Boomer Lifestyle

Education Digest

Healthcare Digest

Media Works Digest


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