Today is Friday the 13th and while I’m not entirely free of superstitions; if I say it, I will physically knock on wood (if I can) and I will never walk under a ladder (I don’t know if that’s a result of superstition or just because it’s unsafe) but I’ve never really understood the aversion to the number 13.

The number 13 has some significance to Media Works and is proving to be pretty lucky. So if you suffer from triskaidekaphobia or even paraskevidekatriaphobia then maybe Media Works isn’t the place for you.

We have 13 clients advertising on TV in May alone! No one is more active in Baltimore Media than Media Works. If you are watching TV in May it will be hard not to see one of our clients.

Look for commercials from the following clients :

Community College of Baltimore County

Jiffy Lube


…as well as Feld Entertainment, MHIPAdvance Business System, The Sofa Store, The Big Screen Store, MileOne Automotive, Erickson Living, Maryland Department of Economic and Community Development/Tourism, Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development, Baltimore Washington Medical Center

We have four clients that have been with us over 13 years! And a few that are approaching 13 years. We are so lucky to have long standing relationships with such great businesses.

Clients that have been with us for over 13 years.

Feld Entertainment, Sinclair Broadcasting, Erickson Living, Advance Business System

We have five employees that have been with us for 13 or more years. We don’t have to try very hard to create an environment that is socially and personally fulfilling. Our clients keep us on our toes and our friends around the office sure keep it interesting.

We aren’t sure how many other agencies can be so proud of the number thirteen. But we never miss an opportunity to celebrate so… we’ll be toasting tonight at Tark’s if anyone wants to come by and raise a glass with us!

13. Our lucky number.

Last but not least, today is Jody’s Son, Austin’s, 20th birthday! Happy Birthday bud!


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