Social Media Taking to the Skies

Years ago, getting in touch with customer service took a lot of effort. You had to type a letter, put a stamp on it and then mail it off to a large corporation. Most of the time, you didn’t even get a response.

In recent years you have been able to get online and find an online form or email to write your complaints (or praises). This usually gives you an automated email but still much easier than in the past. With the constant evolvement in social media with your brand, your consumers can now tweet or leave you a Facebook comment that you can keep up with to hear exactly what they have to say. Sometimes, this can be more hurtful than not. It takes a lot less effort to write a rude tweet to someone than it was to sit down and type a well thought-out letter or place a phone call.

This has put more pressure on brands to have a presence on all social media sites. Whether it’s “retweets”, Facebook comments, or contacting Yelp Reviewers. They’re listening. 

Now, airlines are proving to have more involvement with their “unhappy” customers via Twitter and Facebook rather than if you had called or emailed. Due to their well known reputation of having poor customer service, the airline industry has taken a real initiative to use their social media as their number one customer service tool.

AdWeek states that JetBlue recently stopped charging for folded bikes carried on to their planes. Why? A customer angrily tweeted about it and it quickly spread around the world. “We love to see happy customers,” said JetBlue’s Morgan Johnston, who’s part of a team of 27 that monitors the airline’s Twitter account and Facebook page, which were established in 2007 and 2009, respectively. “We also understand that we’re not always going to win. But we have to be transparent about that.”

Southwest jumped on the bandwagon early. Starting their social media sites in 2007. While Delta was very late to the game, only joining Facebook and Twitter in 2010. Delta now has 14 employees who monitor their sites.

Do you find that it is much easier in this day in age to contact large corporations via social media sites? Or do you still prefer filling out customer service reports on their website. It’s nice to see such reputable companies taking great action in improving their customer service.


One response to “Social Media Taking to the Skies

  1. sophialudlowgroup

    I actually contacted an airline last year via Twitter about their poor service. I got a response, but it was extremely vague. I imagine the more people start doing this type of thing though, the more big businesses will have to start truly reacting/responding.

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