Do you Shazam?

In previous posts, we’ve discussed the idea of TV viewers having “two screens.” We all seem to be attached to not only the television but also a mobile device, tablet, or computer. Some brands are starting to embrace this challenge and are creating ways to break through to TV viewers.

A recent trend in advertising, especially during Super Bowl commercials and upcoming Oscars, involved several brands integrating the Shazam mobile app. For those who are unaware, Shazam is a music recognition technology that enables anyone with a mobile phone to identify music that is playing – even under noisy conditions – wherever they are, simply by Shazaming it. In order to Shazam, users can open the app on the mobile device; tap the button, and Shazam! The title, artisit, and album are literally at your finger tips.

Within the last year, Shazam created a TV friendly Shazam. Shazam for TV enables customers to tag their favorite shows or commercials to access exclusive content, contests, and other information. For example, during a Chevy commercial, I saw the Shazam badge in the bottom corner of the screen. I Shazamed it and it instantly gave me three options: visit, learn more about the music in the commercial, or rate the commercial. I also had a fourth option to post to Twitter or Facebook that I was watching the commercial. This kind of connection with the audience provides a new level of interaction and feedback that will enable the companies to further enhance and cater their messaging, and it clearly caught my attention.

Continuing with this trend, Mashable  reports that this weekend during the Academy Awards, Tide will provide viewers using Shazam with a free download of the song playing during their commercial. Who doesn’t love a free song download?  Getting your audience’s attention and being able to adapt to the new ways of TV viewing are incredibly important. I am happy to see brands breaking through the clutter and embracing other means of providing their viewers with information or even entertainment.


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