Facebook Timeline for Brands

This past September, at the F8 conference, Facebook introduced the Timeline format for profiles. Most of us were a little unsure of the transition. We are a creature of habit and not too keen on the idea of constant changes coming to our precious Facebook page. However, Timelines seemed promising. Giving more of a “scrapbook” look and feel. This new feature was very picture heavy and things were divided by year and special events.

Most of us tested out the feature before it rolled out to more than 800 million users. We giggled as we saw old status updates and wall posts that may have been appropriate when you were a sophomore in college. Now, you cringe at the thought of those being seen by your employer, so you quickly deleted or changed privacy updates to your personal Timeline.

That may have been what you did for the personal pages. However, what about the 4 million businesses that have their own Facebook pages? How would the Timeline look and feel for those brands?

At the same time as the announcement for personal Timeline profile pages, another announcement was made that they would wait to roll out the new feature for brands. Facebook VP of Marketing and Business Partnerships David Fischer said although these Timelines will have a lot of the same look as personal ones, it would not be an exact replica.

What exactly will they look like? Surely, the exact date when the particular brand joined Facebook would not be as important as particular moments in their history. The example used was with Coca Cola (example: they could hypothetically add an event for 1892, the year it was founded).

Rumors are swirling about brand’s well known Tabs and Apps that currently live on their Facebook pages. Right now, giving consumer easy to find information, the ability to fill out surveys or purchase items right from the Facebook page.

When exactly will companies have the ability to play and try these new features out? All these questions and more will be answered at it’s first FMC Conference this year! http://www.facebook.com/business/fmc

Are you anxious to test out the new Timeline feature for brands? Or are you skeptical of change?



5 responses to “Facebook Timeline for Brands

  1. Reblogged this on WalkerSearchGroup Blog and commented:
    An interesting look into Facebook Pages. We all know the seismic shift that was caused by Facebook’s Timeline (and the anger that came with it) to people’s personal pages, but what of Company pages too?

  2. Reblogged this on richards, chris and commented:
    I’m excited to think about the potential this new layout holds for brands!

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    my guest blog post for Media Works Ltd.

    Facebook is rolling out it’s new Timeline for Brands. Will people react the same way as they did with their personal timelines? Or is this taking Brands to a whole new level.

  4. I believe that with every change comes opportunity, so this Timeline change for fan pages is a major opportunity when you act smartly on it! Don’t you agree? We just have to wait and see what the exact change will be, but I don’t believe they’re going to kill custom tabs.

    In case you’re interested, here you’ll find an infographic with all Timeline events – including speculations based on these facts. http://wp4fb.com/blog/facebook-timeline-infographic/

    • Absolutely! I think the added real estate for cover photos will add value when customers come to visit, but I fear some brands may just use this extra space as boring billboard space. I hope brands take this opportunity to expand their social prowess and think out of the box.

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