Second-Tier Social Media continues to Refer Traffic

When  you spend your free time on sites such as Meebo, Pinterest and Tumblr, do you realize the amount of times you’ve left that site to visit a retail or some other company’s website?

Recently, second-tier social media sites have been booming with popularity. For those of you that don’t know, a second-tier site is a social media site that can house information that is connected back to a first-tier. Examples of second tier- Yelp, Groupon, Tumblr, Pinterest. While first tiers examples would include: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

With the increase in users for these sites first-tier sites (Facebook/Twitter) are increasing with referrals but so have the sites where the “pins” and “posts” lead.

Compete ( analyzed the web traffic in the United States to Facebook and found with addition to referrals to a lot of retail sites during the holiday shopping season. Pinterest as well as Meebo were second-tier sites that brought in a significant amounts of referrals.

With the steady increase of visitors to Pinterest, this will be the site to watch as they have just reached a very impressive milestone. The site reached 10 million monthly Unique visitors.  Pinterest’s users spend at least 98 minutes each month on their site. If you are an avid user of the site, as I am, think about how many times you’ve seen an impressive piece of furniture, scarf, gadget. Usually, when people pin these it refers you to the website where you can purchase. If you’re spending 98 minutes a month pinning and exploring the site, think about how many times you’ve left the site to be referred to the retail store’s site. That’s a lot!

Here are some interesting charts eMarketer compiled with the percentages of referrals and also the top websites visited after leaving Pinterest.

Even though referring traffic doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll buy the item when you visit it’s site, looking at social media networks this way demonstrates ways marketers will be testing their products with you, the consumer. These stats show that social media isn’t going anywhere and companies will take advantage of the connection to their audience in this way.


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