There has been a lot of NFL talk the past few weeks, and the majority of it has revolved around one person: Tim Tebow.  Tebow has been a sports icon to the Gainesville community for years, but it wasn’t until the Broncos game on Oct. 23 when Tebow’s fame went viral. By viral, we mean record breaking tweeting, “tebowing”, and more fame then any athlete yet.

According to Adage, Tim Tebow is also considered the most talked-about player in the NFL. He currently has endorsement deals with Jockey, Nike and EA Sports and could possibly become a $10 million a year endorser of the NFL.

When Tebow ended the Steelers season on January 8th (and we love him for that), he set two new sports records; he did this while playing in the highest-rated first-round NFL playoff game in 4 years, according to Nielsen. The first record he broke was the yards-per-completion record with 31.6 and threw for 316 passing yards. He also set a new social media record which was the sports Tweets per second record.  Twitters reaction to Tebow’s 80-yard overtime touchdown reached 9,420 tweets per second, including one Tweet from Lady Gaga!  This surpasses the amount of tweets from the announcement of Beyoncé’s pregnancy (8,868 TPS), the passing of Steve Jobs (6,039 TPS) as well as the East Coast Earthquake (5,106 TPS) – imagine that!

Not only has Tebow made his way through the twitter-verse, according to Mashable.com, Tebowing is now an official part of the English language. Tebowing.com defines this word as a verb and the definition is “To get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone around you is doing something completely different.” This website has over 15,000 people/animals/objects Tebowing all over the world.

Although the rest of the world is talking about Tebow and his fame, those of us at Media Works wish Tebow and the Broncos pulled through last weekend and beat the Patriots so we could cheer on the Ravens at home this weekend. Unfortunately for us, we will be cheering on the Ravens in Foxborough and we sure hope they “tebow” before the game!




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