We have quite a big weekend ahead of us, my friends!  It is that time of year again- the time of year fans become more dedicated, rivalries become more intense, and players are pushed to their breaking point as professional athletes.  It is the NFL playoffs.  And they have begun.

I feel there is definitely an advantage to having a bye the first weekend of the playoffs.  Some much needed R&R for the Ravens will hopefully prove to be worth it when we take on the Houston Texans this Sunday in Baltimore as we host the second round.

For the most part, the women and men of Media Works are Ravens fans.  You will rarely hear someone rallying behind a different team or wearing another team’s jersey on a Friday in this office.   And although we bleed purple, a lot of the people we do business with are actually outside of Maryland, and can make things a bit competitive during this time of year with our fellow football lovers.  In addition to Maryland, we also do business in Arizona, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, and Texas to name a few places.  Like us, those we work with out of state are dedicated to their teams as well.  KHOU, a radio station we work with in Houston, is going head-to-head with WMAR, one of our local Baltimore stations.   A meteorologist from each station has placed a bet on who will win this weekend’s game and the terms of the bet are INTENSE!   What are they betting you ask?  Well, Gene Norman, chief meteorologist at KHOU, and Justin Berk, a meteorologist at WMAR, aren’t betting with money, they are betting with food.  Crab cakes and Texas barbeque sauce to be exact.  The terms:  the loser must eat their opponent’s food choice on the air in the opposing team’s gear.  Wow.  If that’s not a quality bet, I don’t know what is!

It’s good to see that a little friendly competition can (hopefully) stay friendly even after the game is over.  We are keeping our fingers crossed and hope to see our rep in Houston eating crab cakes in a Ravens jersey on air after we beat the Texans on Sunday!  With elimination from continuing down the road to the Super Bowl on the line, we are cheering for the Ravens and sending them all our positive energy.  Hopefully, come Sunday night we will be making travel plans for Foxboro.   We wish everyone fun & safe competition this weekend.

Go Ravens!


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