The Kardashians…..Smart Investors? Or Smart Cookies?

Would you purchase a magazine that is solely devoted to the Kardashians?  As appealing (NOT!) as that sounds, even I as an avid People Magazine reader, would not stoop so low as to purchase one.

The Kardashians, the family who is famous for being famous – enough already!  Rumor has it that the Kardashians are close to sealing a deal with American Media Inc. (AMI) which owns the National Inquirer and Star to name a few, to publish a magazine dedicated to the Kardashian family.  Again, ENOUGH ALREADY!

OR are the Kardashians smarter than we think?  Could the deal with AMI be done with the sole purpose of keeping negative publicity away from the infamous clan?    Let the Kardashians spin their negative publicity the way THEY want the public to understand it.

It has been done before; Arnold Schwarzenegger was named executive editor of AMI’s Muscle and Fitness and Flex Magazines while governor of California.  The Huffington Post asked an interesting question:  “How Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Keep His Cheating Hidden For So Long”.  The author of the piece dug deep and uncovered that a specific mandate had been dictated to employees at AMI – Schwarzegger could not be touched!

The Kardashians could mandate the same ‘rules’ – no negative publicity be published in AMI publications. Let the Kardashians spin their own tales in their own magazine.

But how would the Star and Enquirer sell magazines without the scandal laden Kardashians adorning their covers?  Maybe the Kardashian publication will make enough money to carry all of AMI’s brands..

What would you call the new Kardashians Magazine?  One of my personal favorites:  “Much Ado About Nuthin’!”

Advertising Age; 1/4/12; Simon Dumenco
She Knows Entertainment; 1/5/12; Megan Morris


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