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On Tuesday, Media Works held their first book club meeting, discussing Likable Social Media by Dave Kerpen. As described on the cover, the book is about “how to delight your customers, create an irresistible brand, and be generally amazing on facebook (and other social networks).” While the book was aimed more at businesses, rather than an agency, we tried to see how we could apply Kerpen’s strategies to Media Works, as well as brainstorm some ideas for our clients.

One analogy Kerpen used that we all enjoyed is that social media can be compared to a cocktail party. At a party you want to be likeable, carry a good conversation, ask questions, and discuss things that people are interested. It should be the same with your social media. When you meet someone at a party, what is it about them that you like and engages you? Those traits should be carried over to your facebook page. What traits turn you off to someone at a party? Usually it’s someone who talks too much, talks only about themselves, or discusses topics that you are not interested in. This should be the same kind of content you avoid in your social media.

Another topic we discussed in length was establishing your social personality. The language you use on your facebook, twitter, website, youtube channel, etc. should be consistent. You don’t want to have a formal tone on your website, but then be light and breezy on your facebook. This will confuse your customer, and will probably turn them away from your brand. If there are multiple people in your company contributing to your social presence, it’s important that everyone is clear on what your tone is going to be.

A big point that Kerpen also makes is that you should not only respond to positive feedback on facebook, but always address negative comments as well. Some businesses would be quick to delete these comments, but that is definitely the wrong approach to take. As Kerpen puts it, if you are not ready to respond to negative comments, then you are not ready for facebook. You want to address the issue, find out why the customer is upset and try to fix it. This shows the customer, and all other customers who follow your facebook, that you really do care and that you want to fix any unpleasant experiences. This can also result in follow-up positive comments if the customer is truly satisfied with how you fixed their issue.

Have you read Likeable Social Media? What do you think? Can you apply the information to your business or agency?

And finally, any suggestions on what Media Works should read next?


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