iSad over the loss of Steve Jobs: A day in my life and his impact

Media Works along with the rest of world is mourning the loss of Steve Jobs this week.  Many are reflective of the impact he made on our daily lives so I decided to reflect upon my own just to discover how significant his influence has been to me.

I was very resistant to iPhone/iPod technology and just recently gave up my treasured Blackberry and have entered a whole new world of Apple! Knowing what I know now, I could never go back and I could not be more thankful for Steve Jobs and his inventions.

My alarm goes off in the morning (that’s the alarm of my iPhone). After hitting snooze a few times, I grab my iPhone and head out on my morning jog. I take the iPhone to listen to either my iTunes music or stream some new tunes on Pandora. I’m also tracking the time and distance of my run with my Nike sensor calibrated to my iPhone.

I get my kids breakfast and send them off to school and I head to work.  I check my iPhone for emails. I receive a few emails of newspaper ads and TV commercials that need to be trafficked to media vendors, all of these ads were designed by Apple computers. Next, I sit down to work on a media plan and try to figure out what is the best way for my clients to advertise in today’s media fragmented world. With the introduction of the iPods, iPhones and iPads, traditional media has taken a back seat. How do we reach them now, I ponder and research mobile marketing?!

After work and school my kids get home and sit on the couch to watch a movie while I prep dinner. They are watching an old classic, Toy Story, that changed animation forever in 1995, created by Steve Jobs’ company Pixar. My daughter’s 7-year old friend comes over to play and I ask her “Does your mom know you are here?” and she replies, “I will just text her on my iTouch to tell her I’m going to stay awhile and watch the movie”.

My iPhone starts buzzing like a gong and it’s my iPhone calendar telling me it’s time to take my son to soccer practice. We head to practice and my husband calls me on my iPhone in the car to remind me to pick up his dry cleaning on the way home. As I am waiting in the car at practice, in my boredom, I take my iPhone out and check my Facebook newsfeed and maybe even play a game of Words with Friends. Before we leave I check the address of the dry cleaner on my iPhone and we use the iPhone map to direct us to the right place.

We head home for dinner and the computer is beeping in the kitchen. My in-laws are calling via the Face-time app from their iPad. (Pretty impressive for their generation I might add) The kids say hello to their grandparents in another state and we tell them we have to go to finish dinner and homework. After dinner, my daughter goes upstairs to practice her piano and plays along with the song on her iPod.

Steve Jobs’ inventions have touched my daily life in so many ways and the loss of this innovator is tragic. I will use his life as a lesson to teach my children about his forward thinking, visionary approach and what can be possible – the impossible! He created things that we thought only possible on The Jetsons and now they are reality. Who knows what might have been next, I just hope he started working on the iRobot maid because I could really use her!

We’ll miss you Steve!


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