Fall TV Preview

We’re into week 2 of the fall TV premiers, and we’re starting to see which new shows will stick and which may not. There haven’t been a ton of surprises so far this fall, with returning shows doing about as expected. There are a few interesting notes from the season so far, as all the networks vie for the top spot among viewers.

The first surprise of the season comes from the much-hyped new realty show, “X Factor.” While still helping to boost FOX overall, the show failed to deliver the Idol-level ratings that were anticipated. For its premier, the show got a 4.2 rating in Adults 18-49, which was well behind the number one show for the night, “Modern Family” with a 5.9 and much lower than Idol numbers.

Another interesting note is that comedies have really dominated the programming. For four straight nights last week, comedies had the top rated show of the night.  A couple of new comedies really contributed to the comedic successes. “2 Broke Girls” had the highest rated fall debut in over 2 years, with a 7.0. It was behind the highly anticipated “Two and a Half Men” premier, but it still stayed strong in its second week with a 4.9. The other new comedy success lies with “New Girl.” This has given FOX a real lift in its fall schedules as its top fall comedy since 2011. The series premier came in at 4.7 and its second week retained most of those viewers, getting a 4.4. It is also the first new show to get picked up for a full season. It’s anticipated that “2 Broke Girls” will be another one to get picked up.

As with any premier season, there are plenty of shows that are already looking bleak. Two that were off to bad starts are “Playboy Club” and “Free Agents” which have both seen very low ratings.

The networks are holding pretty strong to their usual prime rankings. Most notably, NBC was fourth overall in the first week of premiers. The Sing-Off had series-low ratings in its second week, Whitney is struggling, and one of the network’s stronger programs, “The Office”, lost its main character this season. CBS is still very stronger, but lost the number one slot to FOX for the first week. The reliable CBS comedies like “Big Bang” and “Two and a half Men” are still going strong, and they’ve seen success with some of their new programs. FOX has really seen the biggest boost of all the networks, jumping to number one, and having its highest premier week in 11 years.


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