Baltimore Ad Week

This week marked the 3rd year for Baltimore’s Advertising Week coordinated by the AAF Baltimore.  It was the biggest year ever for the event with over 300 people attending through the week.  Throughout the week, there were a dozen sessions on various topics to pick and choose from.  Below are some of the forums that Media Works sent employees to attend:

  • How to Succeed in Mobile
  • How To Keep Your Brand Connected to Your Target
  • Building a Strong Digital Media Foundation

Those that attended had positive feedback and thought they benefited from participating.  Additionally, it was a great way to connect to others in the ad community and maybe learn a thing or two.

On Tuesday night, there was a cocktail hour and awards ceremony honoring a few local advertising executives.  The ceremony closed with Nancy Hill, the President/CEO of the 4A’s.  She talked about Collaboration, Cooporation and Community.  I thought that was a perfect topic for the audience.  Since Media Works is a member of the 4A’s, I have had the opportunity to hear Nancy Hill speak a couple of times.  She is really inspirational.  And after listening to her, I have always felt reenergized and more passionate about my industry.  I would highly recommend that if you have the chance to hear her speak, you should.


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