Wacky Weather VS. Work Week

For most Marylanders weather is not an issue until the first big snowfall when Mother Nature dictates when and if you can make it to work. Everyone is prepared, they stock up on all the essentials i.e. Toilet paper, water, your favorite snacks and possibly your favorite alcoholic beverage, just to make your hibernation a bit more enjoyable and then you wait it out. This could range from an inch of snow to a foot but any way you cut we always handle the situation the same way. However, within the past month we have been visited by Mother Nature in a different form and although we have tried to prepare as best we can there seems to be surprises with each new day.

Within the past three weeks we have experienced an earthquake (a first for many), Hurricane Irene and now massive amounts of rain resulting in some serious flooding across Maryland. Now, as much as we all prepared in the fashion as mentioned above for our good friend Irene we could not have predicted the inconveniences she would cause the following week. The start of the 2011 school year began two to three days later than scheduled. While exciting for students and teachers trying to hold on to the last days of summer this couldn’t have inconvenienced parents schedules more. Within the workplace many went without power and internet and in today’s working world that is like heading to the pool to find it is empty. Many were left with work to be done but minimal ways to accomplish it.

Just as everyone was recovering from Irene we have been hit yet again with another weather surprise. We have all seen rain but normally not rain that hinders our daily travels. Getting to and from work has now become a well thought out plan, laying out your route in order to make it to your destination on time. People have been watching hourly to track the heaviest times of rainfall and thus planning their driving times accordingly. Once again, Mother Nature, has thrown us something else to affect our everyday routines. I think it is safe to say Marylanders are ready for a sunny and dry break.


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