As a Navy Mom…

As a Navy Mom, I would like to speak about our recent loss of 30 U.S. personnel, 22 of which were Navy Seals.  I remember the feeling I had when my son first announced that he joined the Navy.  First, it was the feeling of fear since we were in the middle of a terroristic war, then it was a feeling of relief that he chose the Navy and not the Marines, Army or Air Force.  The Navy always seemed like “the safer” of the Armed forces.  The Navy is rarely covered as a part of the combat missions going on overseas.

The Chinook helicopter that was shot down on August 6th was attempting to come to the aid of a team of soldiers engaged in a firefight.  They were on a mission to capture a senior Taliban leader in the Tangi Valley who was responsible for a series of attacks.  Although an American airstrike later killed the Taliban fighters believed responsible for shooting down the helicopter, it doesn’t ease the pain the family members are feeling from their loss.  This was the most deadliest day for American soldiers since the war began.

I must admit that prior to my son’s enlistment, I never really paid much attention to the news regarding the war, the loss of life, the injuries, both mentally and physically, or the sacrifices made by both our soldiers and their families.  I am fortunate that my son has not been placed in a combat zone since his enlistment.  I only struggle with the fact that he is so many miles away from home and that I am missing out on a chunk of his life that I will never get back.  Spending Christmas morning opening presents in front of a Skype camera just isn’t the same as being there in person.  However, this Christmas when I open presents with him in front of Skype, I will remain thankful that my son is safe and sound and out of combat.  Media Works wants to thank the thousands of men and women who serve in the armed forces every day and the families that are there to support them along the way. They are the reason we can live and work in freedom every day.

Author: Gail Miller


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