Pan Am, Revenge, Once Upon a Time – Mark your calendars!

As media buyers we all get excited to get a sneak peak of new prime programming for the Fall season.  This week we had the opportunity to watch clips of the upcoming Fall ABC prime lineup.  There are a good number of new scripted TV series that looked promising for the Fall as well as the staple half hour sitcoms that have brought Wednesdays night’s s into “must see” TV.   Below are some highlights – enjoy!

Sunday night:

  • Newcomer Once Upon  A Time will replace Extreme Makeover Home Edition (which is moving to Friday nights) at the 8pm time slot.  Produced by the creative minds behind Lost this show will definitely be entertaining and suspenseful.
  • After Desperate Housewives Pam Am will premiere.  Shows appear to be reverting back to stories of the 1960’s as this era has a lot of entertainment value.

Wednesday night:

  • With great placement between The Middle and Modern Family the new sitcom Suburgatory should fit well into the comedic block on Wednesday nights.
  • Revenge will air at the 10pm slot which is a smart spot for this intense, cliff hanger drama.

Thursday night:

  • After years off air Charlie’s Angels is going to be revived with a modern twist.   Airing at 8pm before Grey’s Anatomy this new show stars Minka Kelly, Racael Taylor & Annie Llonzeh.

Returning shows include:  Dancing with Stars, Desperate Housewives, Castle, Body of Proof, The Middle, Modern Family, Happy Endings, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, EXHM, Shark Tank & 20/20.  Mid-Season returns:  The Bachelor, Cougar Town, Secret Millionaire, What Would You Do? & Wipeout.

To read more about these new shows:


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