The Growing Hispanic Market

This week Hispanic television network Univision announced plans to add three cable networks over the next few years. They’re adding a news network, sports network, and an all telenovela network. They’ve also announced plans to create their own “Groupon” program.

This falls right in line with the new evidence showing that the Hispanic media market is growing. Between the improved ratings on the Hispanic TV stations and the recent data from the 2010 census, it has become clear that the Hispanic market cannot be ignored.  First, the 2010 census shows that the Hispanic population has grown to 1 out of every 6 Americans. Conversely, only 4 percent of overall media spend is targeted to Hispanics. With the growth of the Hispanic population in the country, we’re seeing growth in the Hispanic media as well.

In the week of April 4th, Spanish network Telemundo’s “Le Reina del Sur” beat both ABC and NBC for adults 18-34. In February, Univision passed NBC in the national rankings, regardless of language. And furthermore, while all the English networks have declined in audience numbers since a year ago, Univision’s audience has increased by 6%.

And these kinds of things have been happening more and more. It’s no longer uncommon to see Univision ranking above an English network on overnight ratings. Nor is it uncommon to see a Hispanic station ranking near the top of a general market radio ranker.

All of this data points to the fact that the Hispanic market is growing, and advertisers really can’t ignore this audience.


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