IAB Conference Hits NYC!

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s conference in NYC on Monday, April 4th, and I can honestly say it was probably the best conference I have ever been to.   The IAB put on a great show focusing this year’s event around the Digital Video Marketplace and not only how it is evolving in the interactive space but how it is heavily influencing the interactive space as well.  Internet video has become the new sensation, plain & simple!  YouTube, Google, AOL Video & ADAPTV are just a few of the big brands helping build this new trend, going from just videos on the internet to videos taking over the internet altogether.  It’s the new way to advertise, speak your mind, share some laughs, some cries, and bring people together all over the world.

There were lots of great sponsors at this event, Tremor Media, Google, Pointroll, AOL Video, and BrightRoll to name a few, along with some great speakers from varying sides of the industry who were able to give a plethora of views on the subject of digital video.   Randall Rothernberg, President & CEO of the IAB, kicked off the conference with a powerful delivery commenting that “digital video was cresting the transformation from experimental platform to campaign staple”.  From the get-go, it was clear that video is the new wave for advertising and is only going to continue growing and changing.  In fact, 90% of IP traffic in 2013 will be from video according to the IAB and between 2009 and 2014 there will be a 450% increase in video traffic on the internet.  And although there were many topics covered ranging from today’s innovative leaders in interactive video to various tracking systems used with this type of media to ways for companies to connect with their specific audience through this medium, my favorite segment came from a panel discussion that revolved around Web-Distributed Branded Content.

Actor & Comedian, Kevin Pollak along with the Chairman & CEO of Digital Broadcasting Group, Chris Young, sat with us and discussed the importance of web-distributed branded content and how Hollywood is getting involved in this mainstream platform.   Both Kevin & Chris spoke about ‘The Confessions’, a web series that casts Kiefer Sutherland and involves additional cast & crew from both television & film including costar John Hurt (The Hurt Locker) and direction by screen writer Brad Mirman (The Good Shepherd).  Being that my primary focus is working on the interactive side of the business at Media Works, this type of content is truly exciting to me.  Seeing that even people in Hollywood are invested in becoming a part of the internet video sensation and interested in taking their careers from TV & movies and shifting some of their energy to internet inspired videos, shorts, and shows is both exciting and encouraging.  If an individual who has built his/her career on television and/or in movies is willing to take a step over to the internet world as a creative outlet, this is a clear sign that the media world will be forever changing for not only entertainers but advertisers as well!    And I feel this is just the beginning of what’s to come.   Will we even need TV’s or movie theaters in the future or will we use the internet as our main source of media?  Only time will truly tell here but it’s a question worth asking.   Regardless, things are continuing to change every day in terms of video content on the web and if we don’t keep ourselves informed and updated, we will be left behind.


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