Super Bowl Sets World Record… For Disappointing Ads?

If you were like most people Sunday night you were glued to your television watching the Super Bowl – the most-watched television program of all time, which averaged 111 million viewers on the Fox – up 4.5 million from 2010 (Media Life).

I don’t know about you, but I anxiously await the Super Bowl every year to watch the commercials…don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of football but since the Ravens were not in it this year, I was more interested in the commercials!

And what a disappointment they were this year!  Bring back the days of Bud Bowl, not literally, but bring back the days when companies created awesome ads that people talked about days and weeks after the event!

USA Today’s Ad Meter had the top 3 commercials as:

#1(tie)   Bud Light “Dogsitter”

#1(tie)   Doritos “Dogs Revenge”

#2           Volkswagen “Darth Vader”

#3           Doritos “Grandpa from Ashes”

Our Media Works in house survey had Volkswagen’s “Darth Vader” as our #1 pick this year – my personal favorite as well.  Media Life’s Ad Bowl had Darth Vader in their #1 position as well.

IMHO, the commercials that tanked this year are too far to number.  Some companies are actually tweaking their ads after receiving less than favorable reactions from viewers or pulling them completely.  Groupon is pulling their Timothy Hutton ad that seemed to make light of charitable causes while HomeAway is updating their ad in which a baby doll was slammed against a window.  This is not the first time Super Bowl advertisers have revised their ads after less than favorable reviews – GM and Snickers pulled ads in previous years after negative reactions.  (Media Life)

Advertisers can look forward to NBC charging more than $3 million per :30 spot, according to an NBC executive. (Broadcast & Cable Magazine)

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that advertiser’s will step it up next year and produce Super Bowl worthy commercials.


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