Packers vs. Steelers vs. Commercials

As the Green Bay Packers take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl this Sunday on Fox, I am most excited about seeing the commercials. Sure, the game will be exciting, two blue collar teams taking each other on, but for me the real action will be in the new ads.

And this year is a good year to advertise in the Super Bowl. According to Media Life, the media expects the game to equal or surpass last year’s record viewership of 106.5 million. But it’s not cheap to get an ad during the game. It is estimated that Fox is charging $2.8 to $3 million for a 30 second commercial (The New York Times). Kantar Media believes that Fox will take in more than $200 million in ad revenue this year. Although that’s a huge price tag, it may be worth it to be in the (usually) most watched television show of the year.

Pizza Hut recently pulled their ad out of the game, but that air time was quickly sold to someone else. It is not revealed who bought it. There are usually spots still available in the weeks before the game, but this year, everything was sold out by October. Many companies reportedly approached Fox to let them know if any inventory became available (Media Life).

While the classic brands will still be advertising such as Coca-Cola, Chevrolet, and Budweiser, there will be some new players joining the game. For example, Groupon has bought spots both during the game and before and after (New York Times). “We decided it was time to expose this brand in a big way, on the biggest stage,” said Rob Solomon, president and chief operating officer at Groupon in Chicago.

I have used Groupon many times, and think it’s a great concept. My parents, on the other hand, have no idea what Groupon is. I tried to explain it to them, but they just nodded their heads and pretended to understand. But with an ad in the Super Bowl, Groupon will get the exposure they are looking for and perhaps my parents, along with more of their generation, will grow to love Groupon as much as I do.

Will you be more interested in watching the game or the commercials?


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