FACEBOOK – business or pleasure?

Did you know that around 75% adults use some type of social media?  That’s about the same percentage that is using blogs and forums.  I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that the largest social network in the world right now is Facebook!

Some thought Facebook was a fad.  Unlike its arch nemesis, MySpace, it has sustained its enthusiasm and continues to increase its amount of users day by day.  This Facebook phenomenon has changed the way people keep in touch with friends and families…you are in constant communication at all times (in some cases it’s actually too much communication).

So I guess it was only a matter of time before Facebook would invade the corporate scene as well.  If your business does not have a Facebook page you are in the minority.  Media Works just launched our very own page on Jan 21st!  I know you are asking – why does Media Works have a Facebook page and what will be the key to its success.  Good questions.

A Facebook page is a way for Media Works to create credibility with existing as well as new clients. It’s a great place for our “friends” to learn about our business and get to know the general character of our business model.  In the world of Facebook everyone is a “friend” – no longer does a business have to feel abstract.  It’s also a great way for a small business, such as Media Works, to build a following and brand awareness.

The key, however, to the success of our Media Works Facebook page will really be by letting our fans and friends do the work for us and being active with it on a daily basis – it will be imperative for us to engage our fans and friends everyday with new and fresh content.  We can only hope that our friends will be so intrigued by our page that they will share our page with their own friends and family – viral advertising at its best!

So if you have a Facebook account (you would be living under a rock if you didn’t), don’t forget to become a fan of Media Works, Ltd.  I promise you will not be disappointed J


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