The State of Television…

In 2009 I blogged about the big shake up in late night TV,   First I questioned whether NBC’s decision to move Leno to prime time was a genius move or a recipe for disaster –

We all know the answer to that.  A few months later I blogged about the “Leno effect” and how Leno’s poor performance at 10pm was hurting the late news of NBC affiliates around the country and specifically in Baltimore,

After NBC decided enough was enough they moved Leno back to 11:30pm (the whole Conan issue is a story for another day) in February after the Olympics.  And now the results are in on that and on the world of late night TV in general.

It seems that Leno was not able to pick up right where he had left off.  His audience is continuing to age and has surpassed Letterman’s audience in average age (Leno – 55.6 and Letterman – 54.7).  The younger viewers are turning to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert in record numbers. 

In other television news the primetime Emmy nominations were announced today and there are a few surprises.    (For the complete nominee listing see   Two new shows have topped the list for most nominations of a regular series – “Glee” received 19 and “Modern Family” received 14.  Not surprising HBO again has snagged the most nominations with 101 – with the miniseries “The Pacific” garnishing 24.  Cable, once again has shown that they are a force to be reckoned with racking up multiple nominations in the best comedy & best drama categories as well as all the lead actor and actress categories.  And to tie this back to the late night saga, Conan’s version of the Tonight Show was nominated in the  best variety, music or comedy series category while Jay Leno’s version of the show was not.  Ouch!!


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