Syringa Visits Media Works Ltd

This week, Van Tuyl’s Media Director, Syringa Ortega was in town visiting Media Works. In the four days she was here, the Van Tuyl supervisors, buyers and assistants met with Syringa to go over everything from billing procedures, to invoicing and training on a system we all use called Workamajig. Syringa brought with her information and feedback from dealers around the country. Come Friday, we all felt like so much was accomplished. We also learned how enjoyable it is to have Syringa sitting only a few feet away from us. We were able to run up or downstairs to ask a question and had more face-to-face communication as opposed to phone calls and e-mails. Just before Syringa left, we ran outside to grab a group photo of all the people who work on the Van Tuyl account….Lexi included. It was a great week and we look forward to having Syringa back in Owings Mills in a few months.


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