What I Learned as an Intern at Media Works

When I came to work as an intern for Media Works, I had very little knowledge of the media business. Media Works was a great place to work and I learned a lot over the past few months. It was a little overwhelming at first, going over invoices and scanning buys, but after tons of help from Monica I got the hang of it. The team at Media Works made me feel a lot more comfortable with everything because they were really open to answering all of my many questions. Asking a lot of questions helped me to learn more because I got definite answers instead of guessing and worrying.

Everyone in the office was extremely helpful and taught me all about media and what is most effective when planning and buying media for their clients. I learned it is rare to buy TV times within the 12a-6a daypart because that is the least popular time for people to watch TV. I learned to read invoices for print, radio, and TV, and actually understand them. Answering the phones and talking to clients and representatives was also a good way for me to loosen up and will help me be more confident in an office situation in the future.

In addition, I learned how to use SBMS, which is a program used to electronically enter the TV spot times, dates, stations, and spot length for each invoice for specific clients. It is a collective database that I had never heard of before working here, and now feel comfortable using.

Before Jennifer left on maternity leave, she taught me how to do pre-logs. It was very interesting to compare the differences in spot prices and see how they increase or decrease depending on the time.

Not only did I learn so much about media and Media Works as a company, but I was also introduced to working in an office environment. None of my previous jobs were anything like working for Media Works. I learned about office dynamics and how communication is so important. I got to sit in on staff meetings where we all had a chance to inform each other of what we were working on and if we had any free time to help someone else. This was nice to see because it gave everyone a chance to organize what they were doing and figure out who would be able to assist them if they were swamped.

I would like thank Jody for giving me the opportunity to work as an intern for her company. It was an experience that was truly beneficial to me and I will take all that I have learned with me in the future.


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