Comcast Spotlight Partners with Verizon TV

Effective August 31, advertisers will have the ability to reach their target viewers through one cable company.

Comcast Spotlight announced that the cable company has partnered with Verizon FIOS to sell local and regional ads in the 10 cities where they compete. The 5 1/2 year agreement will only pertain to the advertising portion of both companies and Verizon will not lose their customers. This contract will present advertisers with an opportunity to reach all viewers who subscribe to either cable provider and will effect the Baltimore, Boston, Fort Wayne, IN, Harrisburg, PA, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland, OR, Richmond, VA, Seattle and Washington, DC markets.

However, this is not the first agreement of this kind for the Comcast company. The cable provider has a contract with DirectTV to sell local ad inventory. Comcast shares ad sales with the 10 regional sports networks that DirectTV offers in the Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco markets.

The Baltimore Interconnect will increase its household universe by 22% which is about 145,180 households. A commercial bought on the interconnect will now have the ability to reach almost 99% of all cable households in the area and 75 % of all TV households.


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