Outdoor Advertising Introduces New Measurement

In an effort to combat the question of who is really seeing those outdoor billboards and other advertisements a new measurement system has been introduced called Eyes On Impressions. The days of Daily Effective Circulation (DEC’s) will become a thing of the past as new methodologies will allow media buyers to measure outdoor against other media.

Eyes on Impressions (EOI) will measure the number of people likely to notice an ad. This will be based on several factors including unit format, size, side of the road, angle to the road, street type, and distance to the road. Impressions will be delivered on demographic audience segments as well as income, ethnicity, and education. These will be compiled using MRI research conducted during travel surveys. Traffic counts will still remain the foundation of the system making it possible to report the number of people passing the board.

We constantly struggle in the world of media to integrate our media plans with common metrics. This move in the outdoor advertising industry to impressions will certainly help deliver more reliable metrics and overall campaign level impact in our media plans. I am excited to work with the new measurement and see how it impacts our media recommendations.


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