Washing Hands is Important to do Every Day

The calendar may say it’s the middle of Summer and the thermometer may be sitting in the 80-90 degree range, but people are already ramping up for the upcoming flu season and preparing for the worst.

Media Works’ client, LifeBridge Health Systems, will be instituting a public service announcement (PSA) encouraging the people of Baltimore to WASH THEIR HANDS!! Hand washing is the most effective way to prevent the spread of disease and is one of the best ways to avoid swine flu. LifeBridge plans to tweet one reason per day every day over an 8- week period to spread the word.

Media Works will be securing out-of-home advertising for these PSAs from some of the local outlets. In addition, the TV stations will be running a PSA which will feature local people washing their hands as they sing the alphabet. The city of Baltimore has gotten behind the effort as well. As we all know, a city whose citizens are washing their hands is a healthier city.

One would think the technique of proper hand washing would be commonly known – not so. Only yesterday the Baltimore Sun found it necessary to run an article on “Hand-Washing: A Refresher Course”.  What they report is that even though people may have hand washing knowledge, they are not practicing proper hand washing behavior, at least not on a consistent basis.

Perhaps in the name of a healthy work place, businesses should require a refresher course of their own. A healthy work place is a more productive work place.


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