Media Works Hosts Clients For LPM Information Happy Hour

The Media Works offices were buzzing with excitement on Thursday June 11th as the staff presented to its television clients the  role out of Nielsen’s Local People Meter in the Baltimore DMA.  The first official rating book will be released for the July 2009 period in mid August.  Other LPM markets have shown more fragmentation in viewing behaviors due to the electronic measurement versus the diary methodology.  The LPM data will also give the buyers at Media Works access to Live Only ratings which help offset the viewers who are DVRing programs.  We felt it was very important to explain to our clients the shift in measurement for the market and review new terminology in regards to their television buys. 

It was a great conversation starter with our clients and as the first year of data rolls they will be more knowledgeable as to how it may be affecting their television buys.  Rudy Miller, VP of Marketing and Community Relations at LifeBridge Health, was among one of our clients present.  She spoke highly of the event —  “honestly, in all the years I appeared on television I never got a simple, concise explanation of how the ratings were calculated.  But in one half hour presentation, the staff at Media Works provided a simple explanation of the methodology and implications of the new poeple meters.  Kudos!”

We look forward to our next client event where we unveil the mysteries of Arbitron’s Portable People Meter!


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