TV Ads on the Web

There is a new concept in the advertising industry — create a new standard video ad unit for the web that can be sold much like TV. A company called ShortTail is kicking off a beta test this summer called the Digital 30 or D30. This is a full-screen ad placement built to view traditional 15- and 30-second TV spots. The difference between D30 and other web video ads is that the D30 loads between web pages.

The key to this summer’s test (besides running bigger, bolder creative) is to evaluate how many users are willing to view full ads via the D30. The company will need to conduct surveys to gauge consumers’ reactions to this new ad unit and how intrusive it is to them. Similar tests have been conducted by different companies in the past with mixed results. The difference now is that we may be reaching a stage in the industry where consumers are such frequent video users that their tolerance is higher. Consumers are using the internet for more than just information and video viewing is now at an all-time high.

Will users embrace this 30-second TV commercial running on the web? My initial reaction to this news was annoyance. I use the web mostly to get quick information at my fingertips. I cannot imagine having the patience to watch a commercial while I’m trying to get where I want to be on the web.

Once I had more time to let this concept permeate, though, I decided this would probably be a big step for the web in regards to generating revenue. Consumers have accepted commercials on television and on radio so why not on the web as well?


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