An Evening with the AAB

On Thursday night, a group of us from Media Works joined the Advertising Association of Baltimore (AAB) for their “Digital Reputation Management” event. The night featured speakers from Wieden + Kennedy, YouTube, Pandora, Millennial Media, and Lotame. The presentations touched on a variety of subjects related to digital media from how to leverage online video, to creating rich interactive experiences, to how to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Admittedly, these topics cannot be fully covered in a 2-hour time frame. In each of the presentations, however, there were a few themes that emerged. In our own interactive campaigns, Media Works has found many of these themes to hold true.

The first theme that we heard time after time is the importance of using an integrated approach to your campaigns. This is something that everyone says, but not everyone actually follows through with. Kris Hanson from Wieden + Kennedy talked about their campaign for the movie Coraline and showed this video to explain their approach.

At Media Works, we firmly believe that an integrated media campaign is key. Consumers today are using nearly every type of media on a daily basis. They’re watching TV while surfing the web, they’re listening to the radio while driving, and they have their mobile devices with them at all times. If all of the pieces of your campaign don’t work together, you are missing a huge opportunity.

The second theme from the evening revolved around the need to make your campaigns useful, interesting, or entertaining for your audience. People are busy and if your message isn’t useful to them, it will be ignored. This is also why it is so important to effectively target your audience both online and offline. We spend a lot of time before we launch any campaign at Media Works researching who our clients’ target market is and the best possible way to reach them. The first step to making your campaign useful to your audience is determining exactly who that audience is and what they are looking for.

The final theme that I took away from Thursday night was the absolute importance of specific goals and measurement. This is something we talk about day in and day out at Media Works. In order to create successful media plans, it is critical to create specific goals for each and every campaign. If you do not have a set goal, there is no way to know whether the campaign was successful or not. At the same time, if you are not measuring the results of your campaign, you will not know if you are reaching your goals.

Thanks to the AAB for putting together this event and bringing in such an impressive group of speakers. If you were there, what did you think of the event?


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