Hot off the Presses

Media Works has just finished up our media updates newsletter. Don’t miss out on getting a copy. Here is an article from the newsletter on Social Media Tips and Strategies. To see the whole newsletter email Amy Wisner.

Social media programs are being implemented everyday but advertisers must understand the overall infrastructure and how it fits into their marketing efforts. It needs to be woven into the fabric of the overall goals and cannot stand alone. Here are some tips and strategies to keep in mind before you join the cool crowd:

Initial Approach:

There are two ways to approach social media. 1. Use the information you collect to help target your audience better. 2. Word of mouth model allows you to let people use their social graphs to pass messages to their friends.

Long-Term Commitment:

This is a long-term relationship that is being established so you can’t just up and leave the conversation. Obama’s campaign ( did a great job at this execution by continuing his social media efforts long after the election ended.

Don’t Be Pushy:

It is all about engagement. The consumer will choose whether they want to participate in your brand or message. Listen, learn, and evolve your plan to reach out to them as subtly as possible.


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